The Subjectivity of Good and Evil

INTRODUCTION Most people grow up having this hero and villain complex. This is a complex that has been prevalent throughout literature and has even been further fueled by the media. Thus, it is common place for people to perceive some persons as evil and some persons as good. However, this stereotyping is usually arbitrary and […]

Lessons from Three Kids

Today, much like any other Friday; signaling the end of a stressful week while welcoming the two day break. Unlike last week’s, today is with a twist. As I enjoyed my after work hours with some colleagues at the shop, an interesting sight sealed my month and opened my brain. What could it be?! A […]

What I Believe

Some say, “everyone believes in something,” but, really, that phrase should be changed. There’s a hole in us, and we fill it. We have to fill it. If it’s left empty, we run mad trying to fill it. So I say, “you have to believe in something.” This goes both ways. It’s a warning and […]

What is True Love

To Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself To Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them To Do Unto You LOVE Compassion Mercy Forgiveness Caring Kindness Respect Just some Thoughts of Mine Crystal 8 Views Gannyofmany60

Make Time For Those You Hold Dear

Growing up, my dad always said that time flies. I remember being a kid and it would go in one ear and out the other. I always dismissed it because to me, at the time, time was SO SLOW. Every summer would come around and I would count down the days until I went back […]