Sad Poems — $100 Contest

Sad Poems


We’ve selected “What Survives” by Informantxgirl as the winning poem. Congrats!

The feeling of sadness isn’t always a bad thing; sometimes it’s quite beautiful and even cathartic. So, that’s the contest: make us cry. The poem we think is the saddest will earn its writer $100.

The contest will run for two months, with the winner being selected on August 1st.

Other than it being a sad poem, the only other criterion is that it may not exceed 10 lines.

IMPORTANT — As always, we expect you to follow the guidelines. We ask that you please actually read them. You’ll find that our guidelines aren’t like other guidelines in that they’re not massive or in tiny print, are human-readable, and very friendly. If you choose to skip over the guidelines, at least keep in mind one of the most important rules of The Omniverse outside of being polite: we only accept unique content. We do not allow duplicate content that already exists on another website.

How to Enter

  1. Register (if you haven’t already)
  2. Write and Publish a New Article (within the criteria set above)
  3. Comment Below (include the URL of the poem that you’re entering)
  4. Retweet the Contest

Email Updates for Future Challenges

Thank you, have fun, and good luck!