Nonfiction Essays — $250 Giveaway


Omniverse author bo has been randomly selected as the $250 winner for this giveaway for their article “Danger“.

Congrats bo!

During our last outing we received a pleasantly surprising amount of great and original content, mostly in the form of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. This time around we’ll be looking to fill the gap on nonfiction essays. That is, articles that fit anywhere within the rest of our nonfiction categories, from business, to crime, politics, science, technology, etc.

We’re looking for how-tos, news stories, movie reviews, technical write-ups, studies, personal nonfiction stories (not in the creative format), etc.

Authors who publish articles that fit this format between now and October 1st, 2015 will have their name thrown in the hat for a chance to be randomly selected as the $250 winner, announced on October 2nd.

As always, you can write as much as you like on The Omniverse about whatever you like regardless of what contests or giveaways are going on, but we like to throw in some challenges (that will continue to get more specific) to keep things fun and give you something to look forward to.

So, while you can of course continue to publish poetry and fiction as normal, all articles that you publish within this giveaway’s criteria will be eligible for the prize. That means the more you write, the better chance you have to win!

IMPORTANT — As always, we expect you to follow the guidelines. We ask that you please actually read them. You’ll find that our guidelines aren’t like other guidelines in that they’re not massive or in tiny print, are human-readable, and very friendly. If you choose to skip over the guidelines, at least keep in mind one of the most important rules of The Omniverse outside of being polite, we only accept unique content. We do not allow duplicate content.

How to Enter

  1. Register (if you haven’t already)
  2. Write and Publish a New Article (within the criteria set above)
  3. Retweet the Giveaway

    (or share it over another social media site)

Thank you, have fun, and good luck!