Magic on Paper

Why can’t fantasies and magic exist? The world would be a lot better if it did. The world would be more fun, we would have more adventures to go on. Think about it. Just think, if you were a student at Hogwarts, if you were a magical boy/girl, if you could fight zombies. What if you could hunt a ghost, or be an Avenger? I like to think what would happen sometimes. What would happen if my group of friends got put in these situations together? Wouldn’t you like to find out too?

This is why I write, I guess. I like to imagine these kinds of things, and what would become of us. I get inspired by something I read, or music I hear. The fandoms that I’m in provide creativity that makes me ponder things, like, is there another realm beyond this one? One with magic, adventure, and sorrow? Will there be ghouls and wizards? Heroes and villains? Love and hate, more extreme than we know?

Writing can take my mind places I never thought I could go. I think of things well beyond my understanding. My mind is a wonderful place, and I wish I could spend all day wondering around in it. Trying to block out what’s real, and replace it with fantasy. My mind allows me to do that. It allows me to do many things. It is my favorite place, but also the scariest.
I know no worse a fear than what I can think up. I can imagine the most gruesome things. The most sinister and rotten filth can come from me, and what I can imagine. Sometimes, those things that are only supposed to exist in my head, pull themselves into reality, just to torment me. There is only one way to kill those fears, and that is writing.

If I could have one wish, over anything in the world, I would wish for magic. The same magic that I put down on paper. I would wish to live in a world full of magic, where my friends and I could run around and fight monsters, maybe even become the monsters ourselves. Anything could happen in a magical world, and that’s why I love it so much. That’s why I love to write. It let’s me escape into that magical world, that one that I yearn for. I would be strong, battle evil, become evil, anything. I would do anything.

If only it were real.