No one listens to my cries of help I feel helpless in this sea…will you come help? I wish for nothing more than just a friend. Will you come help? I want a hand to hold. Can I hold yours? When my eyes are wet and my hands shake… Can you come aid? When I […]

Sad Poems — $100 Contest

Winner We’ve selected “What Survives” by Informantxgirl as the winning poem. Congrats! The feeling of sadness isn’t always a bad thing; sometimes it’s quite beautiful and even cathartic. So, that’s the contest: make us cry. The poem we think is the saddest will earn its writer $100. The contest will run for two months, with […]

Nonfiction Essays — $250 Giveaway

Omniverse author bo has been randomly selected as the $250 winner for this giveaway for their article “Danger“. Congrats bo! During our last outing we received a pleasantly surprising amount of great and original content, mostly in the form of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. This time around we’ll be looking to fill the gap […]

Magic on Paper

Why can’t fantasies and magic exist? The world would be a lot better if it did. The world would be more fun, we would have more adventures to go on. Think about it. Just think, if you were a student at Hogwarts, if you were a magical boy/girl, if you could fight zombies. What if […]