Rabbit Games in the Misty Moonlight

When I was a young woman, my mother and I were pulling into our driveway in the Indiana woods when, a ring of rabbits emerged from the mist, next to the driveway under the trees. There were perhaps thirty of them equally spaced from the others.

The rabbits took turns hopping into and out of the circle in a game that we eventually could tell had rules, yet was not predictable. We sat and watched them maybe as long as an hour before starting the car softly and rolling down the long driveway. They didn’t much look our way, but vigorously engaged in their play, remaining in the circle, glowing white in the light.


I love hearing the bird songs outside my window in Berkeley and walking wherever I go, saying hello to the trees I pass.

I’ve lived a wild life with many long periods of pure nature such as living with bears and sea lions in the forests or howling with the wolves in canyons, other times in a dynamic city, or on an isolated island.

I care about truth, no matter how many beliefs and heroes I have to let go of. I find the process of searching through layers of media deception to uncover reality fascinating, as is understanding the history of their manipulation of society.

I teach fiction writing with UCLA X Writing Program, Writers.com, WritersCollege and my own Tantra Bensko’s Online Writing Academy (OWA). I have a couple hundred short stories, around 100 poems, as well as articles, art and photography, in magazines and anthologies.