What So Ever a Man Sow, He Shall Reap

Once upon a time in village called obulo, there was a king, his name
is Orji Aku, he married two wives. This king loves his wives so much,
the name of the first wife is uju and the second one is called Egonma.
Uju is loving, caring and humble while Egonma is quarrelsome, bitter
and always in hatred. Uju have one son while the second wife has two
children, a boy and a girl named ugo and Agbaso. Uju would always
advice her son to be obedient to the members of the family. Uju
developed the habit of inculcating a good morals in her son, to live a
life of humility, carefulness and obedient, while Egonma will never
teach her children any good morals. When the king died, more problems
burst out in the family as there was no other person to control the
two wives when they start quarrelling. After the king burial Egonma
start conceiving evil on how to kill Uju. Egonma’s aim is to control
the family and enthrone her son as the king of the land. After Egonma
attempts to kill Uju failed, she later succeeded in killing her,
leaving her son an orphan. Egonma start maltreating Obinna, She will
send him to fetch water, fire wood while her own children will be
playing. After all that obinna suffers in her hands she was still not
satisfied and later think to kill him so that she and her son will
reign. She planned of poisoning obinna’s food. Egonma puts poisoned on
obinna’s food and advise her children not to eat that particular food
she poisoned with out her children’s knowledge of the food being
poisoned. Because of impolite attitude of Egonma’s children they later
went and eat the food and they died, Egonma seeing this wept bitterly.
Indeed what so ever a man sow he shall reap