The Tales of Dinky Birchwood

Dinky was a man of leisure; he came from old money that his family had made in the railroad business and pig iron. Sure he went to college and got his degree to go along with his pedigree. But, Dinky didn’t really need to work for a living, because he already had money and lots of it.

Dinky was just a nickname that he had gotten as a boy, because of his small size. But, now ol Dinky was a grown man and the nickname stuck. His real name was Bartholomew, but everyone called him Dinky. He was around 33, 6’2″ and clean shaved, Dinky was the type of man that enjoyed his money to the fullest. He was basically an investor and stockholder and maintained a respectable reputation. Dinky did well with the ladies, but had to attachments, no ball and chain to hold him back.

On occasion he liked to entertain, but usually out of town, Dinky didn’t like for nasty rumors to spread. That’s how things are, ” you don’t kiss and tell “. But Dinky liked all sorts of women, white chicks, blacks girls, hot Asian chicks, 8th street Latina’s, and even the occasionally older woman. “I like to break them up into categories, blondes, brunettes, and red heads”. “Yeah, that’s the type of guy I am, some guys drink, smoke, do drugs, I like woman”. “I remember one hot August night when things really got out of hand.” “I picked up these two chicks at some low life carnival that had come into town.” One of them was this real hot blonde chick that was a dead ringer for Sybil Danning, right down to the huge boobs, she said her name was Kelly. Just as we were leaving her friend Cinnamon shows up. She was a real looker, a sexy ebony chick that was so hot that I could see my own reflecting off her shiny black ass.

Sure it cost a little extra, but she definitely looked like five grand punany. Although, I was able to get the pair for only one thousand. We ended up back at my motel room that I had booked for the weekend. When it was all said and done, it was quite a weekend, they were two whores to be proud of. “Well, Monday morning and it’s business as unusual”, nothing but board meetings and the rest of day off. It wasn’t that bad, there was this hot older woman at the company who was one of the secretaries. Her name was Crystal, she looked liked she had been a beauty queen in her younger days. Now, in her 50’s she still was very appealing, I could tell that she was interested. Maybe one of these days I run into her at a hot spot or ask her out, that will be another tale to tell.