The Infinite (Universes)

I believe that anything is possible in the Omniverse. The theory of a parallel universe is currently deemed fiction, but I believe in parallel universes and multiple dimensions. My definition of parallel universes is universes that share one or more similarity with each other, and one or more dissimilarity with each other. I believe there are an indefinite amount of alternate dimensions that currently coexist, and I believe each millisecond that goes by an infinite amount of universes are created, adding to the unfathomable number of parallel universes in existence.

There is only one difference needed to make a parallel universe, for a parallel universe is a universe similar to ours with at least one exception. For example imagine a world exactly like ours except Elvis Presley was never born, it would be a parallel universe, for it is exactly like ours with the exception of Elvis Presley, not to mention someone else would have taken the title “King of Rock and Roll”. I believe a universe like that exists. I believe in dimensions similar to ours with one or more differences. Now imagine a world in which George Washington was never born. This would be a world that is immensely different from ours. It would be a world with a different president, government and future than ours. It would be a world completely different than ours, yet similar at the same time. I believe a universe like that exists too, and I believe there are more dimensions with the same differences. Parallel worlds in which a certain someone was never born, or a war was never fought, or a hit song never created. These are worlds synonymous to ours apart from such minute differences.

The possibilities with parallel universes and multiple dimensions are endless. Imagine a dimension where Al Pacino never won an Oscar, or trees were purple on earth, or imagine if hurricane Katrina was 1,000 times worse in one dimension than it was in ours. But I also believe there can be worlds parallel to ours with only the most indistinguishable contradicting detail. For example I believe a parallel world exists where instead of eating Chinese for lunch last Sunday you had pizza, or a world where one day in third grade you wore a pink shirt instead of yellow, or even a world where one day a random woman in France went to sleep one minute later than normal.

Now imagine in broader terms, because the topic being discussed is parallel universes, so expand your views past our little blue planet and into the Cosmos. The Milky Way is known to be host to the Sun and our Solar System. I’d like you to imagine in weirder terms now; imagine all nine planets in our solar system (including Pluto) were stationary! Wouldn’t that be odd? What if the Sun had to rotate around the planets instead? Or what if in an alternate universe people could live on the sun! I mean limitless energy am I right? What if Pluto was larger than the sun and it was purple? What if on Neptune gravity was ten times as powerful? What if Venus could glow? There are already billions of possibilities for multiple dimensions within our Solar System itself, but what if we go farther. Right now we don’t know much about the universe, but just as our Solar System holds possibilities for alternate universes so do the other unexplored stars and solar systems. The Milky Way has over 100 billion stars, But that’s not all, for the Milky Way is part of the Virgo cluster which hosts over a million galaxies, and the Virgo cluster itself is a small part of the supercluster, Laniakea that holds its own with 300-500 other clusters within its masses. That’s more stars than anyone can count at this point, but it doesn’t end there because Laniakea is a minuscule part of an even bigger supercluster, which is in turn part of another larger supercluster and so on. Basically the universe holds an infinite amount of stars-stars with the possibilities of hosting other life forms.

So if you thought the possibilities of alternate worlds within our Solar System or even Earth was too much, just imagine the possibilities in the far reaches of Space! For every moment you take a breath, or twitch a finger; or every time the temperature changes, or the Sun flares, or even if a billion light years away a star dies, trillions of alternate dimensions are born. In this aspect you can see how parallel worlds are born every quarter of a second, making the quantity even harder to count. So every time you had thought what would have happened if I hadn’t done that, or what could happen, what if I do this, what if I don’t, what could happen? Chances are they have already happened in an alternate universe. If there is something that you believe to be impossible in this world it’s probably possible in an parallel world, so basically nothing would be impossible. Parallel universes are still viewed as fictional and have not been proven to exist, but I believe that anything can happen in the Omniverse.