The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

Jak Jak

The wounded ship was trailing debris as she appeared in the distance and jak jak mistook it for a derelict at first. It was big with large pieces scattered for and aft of the main wreckage, the whole pile was flying through a coalsack at about 80% of lightspeed when sensors picked up a faint and unique static field that could only mean one thing [outsiders] the unique ship that had once no doubt looked elegant and beautiful now looked gutted and ruined.

Jak jak’s head spun around in one complete revolution “emergency braking maneuver brace for stasis lock hang on tight”

Jak jak pumped the brakes twice and then dropped both anchors. force fields slammed the wind out of angels body and everyone else. They survived but angel was sure no one would talking to Jak Jak any time soon.

Jak Jak had scrubbed enough speed that that they had come to a stop relatively speaking right next to the broken outsider ship. jak jak had came from a government that had had a lot of dealings with the outsiders and as a trained pilot he used an old imperial shipboard emergency doctrine to govern his actions in this case, so he turned on all the spotlights he could and focused them on the wreckage to make as many sharp shadows as possible. Then waited.

“At ease this will take a while.” jak jak’s cold monotone announced thru-out the ship and he turned on a view from an external pick-up that showed what appeared to be black frozen weeds of some kind sprouting from behind the few pieces of super structure that appeared to be firmly attached to what was left of the drive unit.

Two days later

Jak Jak had kept station with the crippled drive unit slowly orbiting it to keep the shadows sharp and steady until finally the longest bush of black weeds retreated out of sight beyond view then jak jak darted in between the debris and stopped almost touching the drive and grabbed the only safe looking locking couple left and a took firm hold.

Angel had had no choice but to let Jak Jak do this as he refused to entertain any ideas or accept changes to the present plan of action no matter how many rescue plans the crew came up with jak jak just ignored it all for the most part and sat there staring at shadows.

Finally a ball of outsiders formed and threw itself free of the wreckage toward a small maintenance airlock. jak jak opened the outer door and sent an engineer to weld the inside door shut lock the air valves shut and to jam the carrage for the outer door to keep it open. Then he ordered an engineer to go out via another airlock and glue a safety grate over the outer door with a simple devise that almost Any outsider could use to communicate with stuck in the airlock by hand.

angel had been reeming the gut out of her communications account while attempting to contact the outsiders she knew. She had sent a message to almost every com-node she could reach.

She knew their drives allowed travel in was she could only guess at.

Finally she just sent a message saying what they had found and where they were heading. She left it in the buffers of Any com-node she could reach until her account got suspended for suspected fraud.

Jak Jak got under way. He set the auto pilot stood up “ETA 26.3 hours till mudball. Standard watch.”

he went to the com’s station and relieved the com’s officer.

Jak Jak was one of only a few beings that enjoyed being ‘friends’ with the most unusual race known. The outsiders communicated with jak Jak using a method that they had offered to sale it, but no one could afford the price.

Angel was back in her seat wishing the outsiders were a bit tougher. She received a text from Jak Jak.

She stared at it in shock for a moment then turned and exchanged a look of similar shock with the communications officer as Jak Jak launched a life-bouy for central planets.

It contained all log and manifests plus what appeared to be a full-core dump from Jak Jak.

No amount of money offered had moved that data.

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