The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


Notch was back in the captains seat with cold ramen noodles and piss warm coffee his mind was finally coming to terms with the events that led to this fine dinner. He was an Alaskan fisherman a special breed who prided themselves with being able to handle anything that comes there way.

The fading light made notch wonder about how long and cold the nights were here.

He turned on the lights in the wheelhouse and the alien world disappeared in the gloom. He paused then stood up and started to turn all the deck lights on and then all the rest of the lights and the high-pressure sodium arc lamps slowly started to warm up with the buzz of the mercury halide ballast announcing backup was on the way.

The beam of light shot out the door into the twilight .The lugs all took off toward the light because all lugs were blind in low light and were kinda scared of the dark so they would flock to the brightest light they could see.

When notch saw the slow-mo three behemoth stampede he damn near pissed his pants laughing. they would be here in a while…or two.

He lifted the hunting box down to the ground with little trouble.

The huge slo-mo alien stampede stopped near the bow of the boat and milled around a bit and then, when no one yelled at them they began to sniff around,almost like a cautions horse in a new pen but with more purpose and less speed.

Those big lugs were slow as hell and notch crawled down the cargo net went to the hunt box opened the door and pulled the big 1000cc bad bear ATV with all-drive wheel drive and and a gun rack out and started the ‘beast from the east’.

The Chinese mil-spec diesel engine was a bit choppy at first so notch let it warm up while he got dressed in his north-slope caribou killin’ kit and then he got loaded for bear and moose and riots plus zombies just to be sure. And then he climbed back aboard and retrieved the captains vintage 50 caliber rifle that had shot harpoons at whales a hundred years ago. Two rifles a shotgun and two desert eagles with a 9mm APC for backup plus a machete just because he was a hard-core Danny Trejo fan. Notch sat on the quad slowly drawing on a fat blunt he had stolen from the greenhorns kit.

He considered plans on how to proceed. He labeled them as (x-box hero, playstation panic and the classic shock and awe) then he settled on a dukes of hazard-blues brothers style combo that was both flexible and cool, but he would keep the other plans on the tap in case there was need for a change up.

He hit the throttle and launched for the open door to the unknown.


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