The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston



jump jump jump

(moon 896:4573;4587@452:197)

text message was the fastest way to send messages at the distance involved.

when the prefix reserved for ambassador/senator Angel of Ark came in a prep crew impounded a smuggler ship wit insanely large engines and a well deserved reputation for being early. It was the fastest ship around

This was Angels chosen base of operations in the core systems. Her staff was beyond loyal. Her words commanded not only there minds but there hearts as well.

There desire to please her produced results that was the foundation of her spacestation based spaceship repair empire.

A second round of messages came in as Angel entered the bridge of the comendeered ship.

“alien found alive short term out look good”

She sat down in her chair as the tech who installed it nodded his OK.

The head of the cyborg pilot did that creepy turn all the way around thing and looked at her directly without proxys.

“story has gone public”

She locked eyes with the one being besides her father who she trusted with her life implicitly. Her skin started to glow softly with fear and excitement.

“subject appears calm damaged”

These messages popped up on any screen she looked at. The main screen was busy downloading an actual picture of the thing it came in was slowly downloading one line at a time.

“Jak Jak” those eyes that looked at her from a few yards away. They were capable of seeing darkstars and spatial anomalys at interstellar distances. At this range Jak Jak could see her atomic structure without aid.

“Lets go.”

Jak Jak didn’t need the onboard instruments. They wouldn’t work were they were going anyway.

Jak Jak could see every being within several miles depending on shielding. He rapped the drive coils to seventy percent; snapped the docking clamps with the shields, he short sucked the drive into first under and feathered the throttle on the very edge of catastrophe.

To the former ships captain who had been left watching from a lounge window, the whole ship and a good chunk of the graving dock just disappeared.

Sending a picture at galactic distances was insanely expensive the bandwith required was so huge it would set all com traffic back for the amount of time the transmission was active and for a lowly alien affairs agent to even think of doing such a thing would be to risk summary execution by cheapest method locally available. That had been known to get some kinda gruesome results on those fringe systems and served to keep abuse to a minimum though out the network.

The pilot barked a command into the intercom in a voice that left no doubt this means everyone.

“Lightspeed in ten seconds secure and brace”the sound of the huge oversized drive link spooling up to redline made every being with ears cringe at what sounded like impending doom.

Jak Jak lived for this, he was the best pilot on record in this whole galaxy and he was born/made for this in a different galaxy. He had set out many thousands of years before with a medical aid mission. As second co-pilot aboard a Scukcoom hauled super-freighter, his job included doing checks in remote parts of the ship.That was what he was doing when a freak dark-anti-matter strike removed the command deck completely from the ship leaving him stranded 80,000 lightyears out with nothing but sleeping doctors and snoozing nurses for company. It took four years just to fire the engines back up and then another two years staring at alien stars trying to pick out one point of red, a supergiant that should be visible from here. Then came the thousands of short hops because the ship was so far off balance it would not fly even close to a straight course.

So when he was spotted limping in on shorter and shorter hops they could not figure what was wrong or even what it was, but as soon as he locked eyes on a space station from 250 light minutes out he made the last jump on dead reconning coming to a dead stop a bare ten meters from an airlock and had hard docked inside of two minutes.

80,000 thousand light years through over five thousand jumps, all the way using visual flight reverence only .

It took a while for people in control to stop freaking out and find out that the huge thirty mile long ship was not unexpected just overdue by a few thousand plus years, underweight by a million odd pounds and short a couple dozen crew members.

But he had made it with his priceless passengers intact and save in stasis and with with the now priceless medical equipment from before the fall tucked safely in the hold.

“brace brace brace”as the ship hit lightspeed all the comboards started to fail and as they did the crew manning those stations turned and looked to the pilot in which there lives where now entrusted.

The small ship started to buck and slammed about as Jak Jak started taking a shortcut no one else could or would follow. Groans and popping sounds started followed by the shrieks and howls of tortured realitys. The ship started to heat up, pings of small impacts on the haul started the crew murmuring as they too had realized that Jak Jak had took the long cut and that crazy cyborg was attemping to slingshot the dark star at the galactic core. Not to save time but to go back in time.


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