The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

When Dr. Mat Johnston triggered the alarm it triggered reactions in a wave throughout the realm. The wave of chaos ran across the galaxies as the news spread. A major armed conflict stopped fighting when the commanders for the opposing sides both hopped on the fastest ship available and skipped port together. Ninety percent of ships in transit diverted to the nearest bar. Including two prison transports.

Alice had just exited her emergency jump and the privately funded free wandering medical spacestation suddenly found it was now in low orbit over a deathstar class planetary grade juggernaught. She was the single greatest concentration of fire power known. The guidance packages on a mind-boggling array of massive guns, missiles and maximum-yield smart bombs tickled the shields of every ship within twenty lightyears to gain there attention. “Leave” was all she had to say. They all scattered to alternate ports.

Every ship within a hundred lightyears kicked out of lightspeed drive and coasted in normal space displaying all nav beacons until she cleared them to continue. She was in a very scary mood running with her gunports wide open and all her scanners were fully active. She was a brite flare of point-source energy, a spike that was as visible as any star to any ship.

The outsiders had contacted Alice as the confirmation of identity had came in.

She had dumped everything and jumped on a twenty-five second verbal countdown. It had caused a total uproar until the news broke.

“Notch Johnston found alive”

That was when shit really got crazy.Human communitys no matter who or where they were spontaneously started partying. The headquarters of Notch Co. threw open there doors and had there party professionally catered, anyone off the street was welcome.

All over the galaxy beings that knew Notch personally received special invitations to visit from Alice. The invites were deliverered by Fuzzy Lizard Deliveries. Transport was handled by Wings.

The small fuzzys were impossible to stop in there dutys. They delivered no matter were you were. In prison, at war, underwater, in deepspace, hostage it did not matter where they were or what they were doing. They all received the summons that they had agreed to answer no matter where or what they were doing.

end of line.


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