The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


She had studyed the wormhole for a while and then out of the blue Captain Sloobee of the ship ‘Jak in the box’ asked if they wanted to use the ‘bent’ ghost wormhole to escape into the another universe beyond this creation.

When asked for information Alice was informed his people had found it first ten thousand years before but had lacked the means to do more than study it.

The lost archive of data that he sent her guaranteed that the “jak in the box” would be first at the cargo dock for many years to come. It revealed some astonishing details and Alice realized that it was going to take a shit load of power. It would take the combined output of herself Alec Big Mamma and the outsiders warship to meet the requirements.

And on top of that it might be a oneway trip.

Alice and Alec jumped as a team.

She held it steady while the outsiders and any ships that could not land shot threw.

Outsiders were jumping in from way out to flee the war.

Brainships, droneships and a few ships of unknown origin were exiting temporal jumps almost on the lip of the hole and shooting pell mell down the wormhole past slower traffic as they made last call.

The pinger was squawking nonstop and the enemy jumped in with three capital ships and huge numbers of ships poured from two wormholes that had appeared. Large capital ships fleeing the core in a final rush for safety dumped all remaining ordnance in there faces as they flashed past Big Mamma. She held as long as she could then big Momma pulled Harpo through as blue star went supernova destroying the wandering wormhole forever.


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