The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

notch’s time was spent with his new friend Smiley as he learned about his new lifestyle from Filis and met his new friends. Tiamat, Smiley, Filis and someone called Alice were all he could talk to but they passed messages for him and gave him the answers like voicemail.

They brought the fuzzy minions of Alice up and those little shits were fucking awesome. Small furry with big eyes and tiny hands and they were smarter than any human. They liked him because they had short legs and he could pack lot of fuzzys. And they had hands that looked like his on their legs and cute little four digit elfin hands on there arms.

They weren’t strong but in this realm notch had found that he was really really strong and his speed was way faster. He even fell down faster which was a real brain twister and since drinking that red bull smiley was the same way still a bit slower than notch but at least he had some one to hang out with and smiley was a lot funnier than anything that crazy scary looking had a right to be. He taught Notch important stuff like who he could mess with and who he could not.

Filis was his brainship and if she needed hands his hands were the ones she preferred.

There was a war going on and Filis said they were losing badly on all fronts and the rich citizens of the long arm were fleeing like ter-gers in the light.

They came in droves threw the jumpgate and then begged for refuge from Alice. Who then used that leverage to force each one into the labour union and to sign a company contract unless they had a very good reason.

The Laypow ambassador had broad cast a haven alert as soon as it became obvious that the war was lost and retreat was the only resort left. And cold world ships had been dropping into Alice’s climate controlled hangers for days.

Tiamat had not only found the wormhole but had went to earth jacked a pizza deliveryman for his pie and sodas and now notch and smiley were tearing it up.


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