The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

As it got close they could see it was in bad shape and shied away from Alec at first but after a couple of hours the fuzzys onboard and with Tiamat standing in the open they succeeded in soft docking the wild lex.

It was known how to feed them because people used to fly them. But up keep on a spaceship is way cheaper than a huge planet munching bug and forget about the insurance.

Big Momma and Alice piped power to Alec for “junior” and the little fuzzy minions snuck onboard in twos and threes. Lex Jr.s that survived till today were pretty smart but if they got bad injuries, ran low on power or got sick they would get slow and dum. This one was all three and still young.

The invasion of minions was not a bad thing. There little eyes saw and reported everything. And they were able to fit in places that had not been properly inspected since Alec was built. They had problems with respect and a few issues had happened.

The minion crew on the lex asked for emergency breakaway and reported the lex had”smelled something” it swam clear and then started that infamous lex fire sequence that was the death of so many planets, but it was aiming at blank space until a wormhole formed in front of it and a fleet came out in pieces after the lex fired straight down the tube and nothing made it threw but salvage.

That was the end of the sniveling about the Lex. Suddenly everyone was oh so nice. Lex got better quickly and was alright with the fuzzy minion infestation. Tiamat spent a lot of time asking lex about finding wormholes that were closed. Alice’s time was consumed by parking and housing issues


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