The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

The storys Tiamat heard had impressed her. She decided to take a personal interest in the case.

There was no way to save harpo and the students, they would all die as soon as any one of them faltered.

There had been no room at first. No way in, Tiamat had to go over and carefully reopen a passage for the repair crew of outsiders to enter. Big Momma stayed in constant contact with Harpo. And promised Tiamat anything within her power to save her lover.

It was touch and go for days. The outsiders who had at one time saved Alec were finally able to stabilize Harpo and put him in a coma. Big Momma fussed nonstop over his care.

The little tydarian girl had disappeared into the vents. She had desperately searched the system for anything that would help Harpo live again. He was the only one left alive out of the half dozen beings in existence that she considered a friend or family.

But there was no way to even get him out and the only choice was a long slow repair. She now started that repair on her own, she was the last person living that had the knowledge to necessary reactivate Harpo. The only back-ups were locked away with-in Harpo’s organic memory core.

She retreated into the extra passages that had never showed on any map.

The unknown fleet had kept there distance for awhile. Alice’s mid range masar cannons held them at bay beyond the nebula.

The outsiders warship came back from the core early. The unknown invaders had hit the core and were taking planet after planet in an unstoppable wave of destruction.

Tiamat appeared in Dan-no’s office and requested ten Fuzzy Minions to help her. Dan-no’s office was a hub of activity now as Alice had started landing ships at a fast pace. The crews were given instructions on how to find there habitats. And everyone was given a room assignment. Parents of small children found that even children just born had a room next to there own rooms.

A large lex was spotted by scouts who confirmed it was wild. The huge creatures lived in space venturing places beyond the reach of most beings to even see. They could be very dangerous at times and Alice was keeping an eye on it.

Tiamat contacted Alice.

“Hay, sis got a second.”

“Sure” Tiamat was standing next to Vickie in Alec’s hanger and had ten minions with her packing repair tools and food for a long trip.

“How much do you know about Lex’s”

“They eat living planets and pack enough fire power to destroy living planets. They have living spaces in there structure and even produce small bugs that can be piloted They are offspring of an old organically grown weapon from before the dark ages.”

“But did you know they can see worm holes”

The jumpgate from the core suddenly appeared as they lost there last beachhead. The crews from the long arm returned with there profits and word of war right behind them.

Tiamat returned to Alec and informed everyone that the lex was her friend and anyone who shot at it would know the meaning of true suffering.


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