The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

Dan-no started to receive field reports from Fuzzys on patrol, some were hundreds of miles away from the hangers in just a few hours. Alice generally told them were to go and what to look for. Some of the Fuzzys were left to wander as they would to discover things for themselves.

Dan-no’s dutys were nonstop and there help was all he had, until mistytoe kicked chappietoe from the transport they came in with a scream to get his “stubby toes shuffling”. It was still cold out but mistytoe assured Alice she would be fine as long as the temperature rose as promised. She told chappietoe to get his ass on the tarmac and start working.

The ship as contained the “lady in chains” with all contents.

Junior had killed his would be captors and was now the only living thing on planet mudball.

Dan-no was mustering his first shipment of cargo. It was setting up for a cross jump to the next arm over, the long arm as they called it, most of the rich beings in the luxury class liners that had been forced to flee up this arm called it home. And Alice wanted rid of the those whining pompous assholes as soon as possible. She had contacted the sub-space relay to request a cross jump to there jumpgate at “Rigel’s treasure”.

The flood of orders for replacement parts for things that had stopped production when she had left shocked her. But pleased her just the same. The prices they offered were insane. Dan-no’s face was at a total loss when she scrolled the massive purchase request past his eyes. It was more cargo than he had moved in his entire life. But Alice had a plan.

The crews of the firebug triad filed into his ample lobby and sat down as Alice briefed them all at once. Her plan was simple she could make the ships and these pilots had the skills to fly the ships and they had fifty thousand freshly thawed union labour members, a quarter million fuzzys and the whole fleet surrounding blue star to recruit from. After reviewing the applicants each pilot hired an experienced navigator, a cook and five hundred fuzzy minions.

A fleet of these single use ships had not been seen in a very long time. All seventy five ships had been built and launched from Alice one at a time. They were huge and ungainly with almost no delta-v to speak of but they held up good in the jumpgates and were cheap as dirt for Alice to make. The huge ships were designed to be recycled in to buildings spacestations and small cargo ships.

The local chamber of commerce on the other arm sent a spare jumpgate threw to Alice in pieces first thing when her gate locked on to there gate.

Supplys from the core had been meager for years. And they sent the spare gate to Alice so she could continue operations at the core and still do business with them.

The Laypow ambassador received news his home planet was evacuating under heavy fire. Alice sent five hundred of her marines in hopped up viper slayers to save who they could. Seventy percent of Laypow perished under the crush of deadly vermin before they arrived.

To house the survivors Alice had ten cold world habitats going and had even fired up some nearby factorys in case someone felt like working. The coldworlders were in shock and so everyone gave them time to recover. They had been a proud race and the loss of the Laypow homeworld hurt them deeply.

Tiamat had packed all the monetary currency from Alec to Alice herself. And then she took the contents of Alice’s five main vaults and stacked it in a big huge store room in a big pile. The pile was huge two thousand feet in diameter and over a hundred feet tall with a nice flat spot on top.

She destroyed all access to it and used her special abilitys to access it.

Her review of loan applicants fell into to three categorys those who would pay and those who would die and those who risked there lifes by bothering her. She didn’t explain how she knew, but she did. And Alice told Tiamat that anyone who was not a thieving pirate could borrow money regardless of life expectancy.

Tiamat then asked what about the pirates and Alice told her to feed them to the minions. When Alice showed her a picture of her fuzzy minions. Tiamat the most dangerous thing Alice had ever heard of or had ever seen squealed in child like glee and her eyes glowed with joy. She asked how Alice had found minions in this realm.

Suddenly puzzled Alice told Tiamat about her minions as Tiamat manifested three different drinks one after the next and slowly drank them and the last one she rose and said “this one is for you” and drank it in one gulp. Then the bitch disappeared leaving Alice hanging.


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