The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

The ships that hauled cargo were lords of the space lanes and the port authoritys were there Kings. Word that the highly territorial Dan-no’s had all died defending there offices had surprised no one at all. But this Dan-no’s contract had been written so that he served the “office of the port authority” making him unique and he had been moved around to almost a hundred different posts in his life all along the Fringe for his contact owners Admiral Chang haftrack and Ambassador/senator Angel of Ark.

Dan-no stepped out into the cold thin air and strode toward the crowd of customers clustered around his new offices, the crowd parted and the sealed port authority buildings locks released as he approached the portal into the realm for which he was made. A realm in which he was a god. It opened and the lights turned on one by one in a slow sequence that reveled room for many thousands of dan-no workers.

The system just needed his palm print and live dna scan to approve the contracts that Alice had signed via proxies. Those who had come to the office had need of stuff that was handled by the automated consoles in the lobby. The huge automated defence guns over the front desk kept things frosty and cool. They were notoriously touchy and they had a tendency to kill at the slightest provocation. If they sensed a threat to a Dan-no’s person they were known to slay any non-Dan-no lifeforms in reach just to be safe.

Alice had bought any and all cargos that made it through to the blue star even cargos for which she had no use were bought at scale plus 3% to keep the boats afloat and crews paid for the time being.

A fleet of luxury cruise liners had formed on the far side of the blue dwarf. Alice had been gone a long time but she recognized a few of the v.I.p. family names from before. The family crest of an old friend had her talking to the great grandson if her friend a member of the only waterdwelling spacefaring race. The luxury cruisers were buying heavy water for fuel from them and water-breathers always had the best.

The temperature was rising rapidly now as she rushed the process by microwaving whole levels and blowing the air around as hard as she could to spread to heat.

minion soldiers

The train had derailed when Alice had halted her spin. The damage was minor but a repair team would be needed to fix the cars and Alice told them to start humping ground to the nearest elevator. The soldiers packed the smallest ones while two hundred thousand fuzzys followed and forty thousand dusty busters scouted ahead to find the best trail.

This elevator was a tight fit but they made it. It also hauled ass and they shot a hundred miles up to the hanger level. The door opened and the baby fuzzys were the only reason the soldiers made it to the port authority office without freezing. Alice’s voice welcomed the minions to Dan-no’s office and told them to behave themselves.

Dan-no looked at the file that Alice had sent on them.

She knew almost nothing about them is what the file said, it was full of pictures and names and dream jobs they wished for. At first he got a small laugh at a little one claiming she wanted to be a life support systems analysis tech, then her list of completed studys scrolled past and he realized why Alice had brought them straight to him. He was all alone and these fuzzys were loyal to his new boss in a way that would be very hard if not impossible to break. The elder fuzzys had consumed all the knowledge in the school database they had had access to. The school had been for technology techs and applied engineers. A school with an r.o.t.c. course. The fuzzys treated r.o.t.c. as preschool. Which explained why the soldiers liked them so much.

Alice told Dan-no that her fuzzy scouts had discovered a crew using a blind spot to pillage a loaded cargo ship that had sat awaiting a crew this whole time. Dan-no shot a glance at the union labour workers leader and she turned and ordered her sergeant at arms to send someone to handle that now.

Suddenly weapons fire erupted in the distance, visible threw the windows.

Some soldiers showed up after a bit with the captain of the vessel and bounced him off the wall of the office by throwing him at it from the doorway. The fuzzy that had made the report was stood gently on Dan-no’s counter. The smell of burnt hair and feathers was very strong. The lights in the office turned a red hue as Alice saw the religious leader of the Fuzzy nation. He had been shot with a flamer and was mad as hell about it, he carried his poor dead roasted duster in his arms. All his hair was gone and his skin was burnt black. But the look of righteous fury in his eyes as his duster hit the counter said it all.

The soldiers that had came up from below with the Fuzzy minions pulled fire arms and the desk guns swirled around and dam near wasted them all before Alice put on safety locks.The guns knew the minions were a part of Alice. She screamed in inarticulate rage at something no mortal would ever understand. Her mind cast about looking for something to use on them to enact her revenge. Finally with almost no other options truly worthy of revenge she settled on an old classic. “Lunch is served” said Alice in cold fury. The burnt fuzzy smiled to reveal a disturbing set of very sharp teeth.

It got s bit ugly at that point but Alice did not have the patience for bullshit.

One captain does not go far when you have a quarter million hungry mouths to feed. So the fuzzys went ahead and visited the same fate on his whole punk ass pirate crew on Alice’s suggestion. And then they shacked up in the suspiciously well stocked ship.


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