The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


Stubby’s ears were torn, his lips were split and bleeding, the now bent feelers poked out at odd angles, his eyestocks could barely support his eyesballs, the gills around his neck seeped and oozed blue blood, The once proud crop was now ruined and even his mating frills would be years regrowing. His hands were shredded and almost useless.

Dan-no had been stunned when he found out Captain Stubbie was in fact Cook Stubbie and the real Captain had in fact hit the polar cap on Notch’s home planet with the cargo that the pilot had dumped.

He had accepted Paatays statement as fact. He now realized that he had never even asked Stubbie his job or title or even his name. Angel was pissed and the withering look on Tiamat’s face had froze him and Paatay both.

Angels disgust was clear and her eyes were centered on Paatay as she handed a debit card and the title to a fast ship to the poor first run cook who had been on his maiden voyage.

Poor tattered cook Jones didn’t look at Paatay or Dan-no but Tiamats glare was soul crushing. The dragonfear struck them down to the floor as the cook left by way of the door. Angel sat and watched them squirm while slowly sipping a jamba juice smoothy.

Alice asked if they were totally bent on killing them both or not.

Angel looked surprised when the ruthless dark queen of death and destruction stopped her favorite pastime..torture. The main focus of Tiamat’s ire was Paatay and Dan-no crawled along the floor to get away from him.

“Why, you got a use for them, sis?” Tiamat asked eyes still focused on Paatay as he lay whimpering in terror curled up in a ball the corner.

“I house over a trillion beings just to make a skeleton crew girl, I need them all.”she paused then added “Like that Dan-no they were genetically designed to act as port authority personal. Without his unique genetic code the office door won’t even open and until Big Momma feels its safe she won’t produce any new clones. And that dan-no is apparently the only unit of its type left alive. Without him my ability to move cargo is severely crippled.” Tiamat looked at Dan-no and then back at Paatay “as for the other one we got thousands of those little cowards.”

Dan-no screamed and leaped at Paatay and proceeded to beat him to death with his bare hands. This was not a task he was made well equipped for, but the mighty Tiamat loved it when would be warriors showed great heart and invoked her name in battle. So she imbued Dan-no with the strength and stamina he needed to get the job done. It took a while and Dan-no didn’t stop until the job was done to her satisfaction.

Alice hired the triad of firebugs to make a taxi service to shuttle personal. She sent them to retrieve Dan-no it was the very first paid cargo run she booked out here and the honor was not wasted on them as all three ships made text book prefect maneuvers in route there and back.


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