The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

The unknown alien fleet suddenly started to line up in attack formation and Alice called for all ships to brake for orbit around the primary and commanded them to defend the clone ship at any and all costs. The size of the fleet was a lot bigger then any telemetry had suggested and parked spaceships slid several feet as she halted her spin suddenly and started to open up with the main batterys to brake there charge. The deadly onslaught she cut loose checked there advance.

The outsiders spiderweb warship returned with a viper carrier in tow with small rescued vessels latched on they dumped it on exit and jumped for southpolar orbit to feed the starving crew. They obtained a firing solution from Alice and added there long range weapons fire to the cause.

Alec scanned the vermin viper carrier and realized the fight for possession of the valuable asset was by no means over and the vermin where holding there own in the forward sections. Almost all his ready assets were committed and the pickings were getting slim.

Time to unleash the beast.

“Um, mistress Tiamat, when was the last time you had, a good old fashion bloodbath?” The former goddess of war and death was in the bar “Alec’s can” standing in judgment over a trial of strength between two boleans. She dropped her full drink on the floor with a crash of crystal at the sight of the first real true combat she had seen in centuries. The battle drifted passed the bar window before the suddenly silent crowd.

The outsiders had hit it with a dampner gun and temporarily killed the power sources for the guns and drive. Desperate hand-to-hand fights were being won and lost before her eyes. A dead body bounced off the window and spun out of view. “Game over, Notch won!” said the battle thirsty fireworm in biped form as she cleared her mind for the harvest of worthy souls.

Alec felt truly sorry for anyone that had to witness her joy on a desperate field of battle joined. At one time it was just him and her, drifting along, and the brainships would come by with a crew and borrow the cradle to do repairs now and then.

Tiamat had just appeared one day out of the blue in her biped form, she had wondered around in vacuum without a suit. Alec had been severely depressed at the time and did not react to her presents at all until she found a spot close to his core and knocked on the bulkhead.

“Hay! Wake the fuck up, lazy asshole!”she knocked even harder “My friend Vickie reemed her ion core on a spatial anomaly and she’s bleeding out”

Alec had sat forgotten at that point for many years, as his crew had fled the suicidal a.I. in fear for there lives.

He saw no ships to contain ion cores, they were all alone. “Uuhh, yeah, sure, I’ll get right on that. Tell you what, you lead the way, and I will follow you ,okay” the small dark biped looked at the bulkhead, then disappeared. And that was when Alec learned to word any future statements made around her very carefully.

The universe disappeared and nothing replaced it.

His ride out was not pleasant at all, his internal clock ticked way to slowly, and his inputs where limited to the disembodied voice of the small biped who took that opportunity and taught him a new depth of sarcasm.

He reappeared back in reality screaming like a bitch in stark terror truly scared for the first time ever.The dark girl reappeared and had said. “You can’t follow worth a fuck, what do you use for propulsion anyway, compressed shit ejection, because I had to drag your lazy fat ass the whole fucking way out here, and what the hell was with all the screaming, I mean damn. Shut up already!”

That was how he ended up out here in the first place. It was a huge move, almost a third of the way across the galaxy in a hours transit time. But the move was a good one with the end of the long ceramics trade route so near. The ships had had no choice. He was the only game in town, and some of the ships had been stuck out here for years, but without help her friend Vickie would never leave.

Tiamat pushed her friend into the old alpha cradle and Alec pushed power.

The news of a working alpha cradle in the neighborhood had spread like wild vermin. The need was so great, a crazy a.I., wasn’t even an issue, as long as that cradle still worked. The place was becoming a graveyard from the broken ships. Some ships had been stuck out here for years waiting for parts and wanted nothing more then to get home. And the fresh raw grief of a young brainship who had lost her first brawn as she watched hopeless to help. She pulled him out of his worthless self pity with her screaming suicidal plunge into the heart of the blue dwarf star.

Alec sat for years out there just him and Tiamat and the occasional passersby. Tiamat sometimes acted like someone who was just waiting for something to happen. Something was always kinda bugging her. But she didn’t consume air and cleaned up after herself. And he had ignored her at first.

Then pirates had invaded there peace, That was when Alec had found out his new friend was no joke in a fight.

She had trapped them on board by killing the pilot they had left behind and then she set the autopilot for an orbit around a nearby blue star.

She then came back on board and the crew had truly panicked. They knew of her. The begging had only served to whet her taste for blood and screams to follow.

She had killed them all slowly, and with much relish, there screams had rang throughout Alec’s whole structure for days as she had slowly tortured them each to death slowly in turn.

He had transmitted that audio locally as a deterrent to further acts of piracy. She had hung the corpses from his haul with care as a warning to future would be pirates.

The sounds of the pirate crew dying had brought many customers to his slips, docks and cradles. Honest customers, who needed good parts. Those customers were taking pictures of dead pirates. As the word spread so did his reputation as a brain bonded with a firewurm of unknown origin.

He did nothing to dispute these rumors. Beings feared her and Alec used that fear to his advantage in all his deals.

Alec owed Tiamat so much, he didn’t care how many fleshies she snuffed. And she was always in a better mood when she had killed something recently.

The battle tide for the viper carrier turned as the dark queen of the apocalypse appeared bastard sword in hand, to lead the troops personally into combat. Among true warriors, she was more popular than camouflage, booze and blowjobs. The senior officer spotted her as she appeared and he made a call to arms under her name for her location and the warriors that remained on board rallied to her.

She was unstoppable on the battlefield but she reveled in the open carnage of close quarters combat. Her favorite soldiers felt her blessings on the field of battle. Blessings enabling them to achieve feats that were outright impossible.

The battle for the huge viper carrier was over in just a few hours and Tiamat reappeared with about thirty survivors that took a minute to realize that they had in fact survived. But the view of a frengi bartender heavily armed with booze got the party started.

The outsiders warship was now docked at the spacestation from mudball with four other ships and crews were being exchanged. The scans of the enemy forces were not good at all. Some of there shielding was holding out pretty well against alices long range guns. and the outsiders guns had no effect at all.

Alice held fire and doubled the launch rate to the core planets to stockpile fuel and war supplys. Some planets were holding there own and needed help to maintain the fight. The new drive didn’t require fuel but adding fuel really gave it some snap off the line at sub-light speeds.


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