The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

big mamma one appeared in an orbit half the distance to blue star and Alice popped a sub-space band that traveled close to Jak Jak’s position Jak Jak could see the band hum all the way to Alice and the small dip of sub-space caused by the clone ship was just barely visible so he jumped.

Alice heard the shatter and closely watched its progress jak jak’s control was as good as his reputation had led her to expect. The brake was clean and jak jak had jumped free pushed by his own shockwave and was now returning command of “jak in the box” to captain sloobee at Alec’s airlock

The number of passed out drunk people was surprising and Angel was at the jamba juice joint serving herself with bert and erny on guard jak jak took the doctor and relieved bert and erny who went to catch up. He escorted Angel inside filis and found smiley spooning with a snoring being filis called a “human” named “notch”.

Angel smiled at Jak Hak and said “we did it”

Suddenly Filis asked “Hay Jak Jak how long does it take a slaver type singletary core to stop spinning? Or better yet how long does it take for a ion drive core to reach maximum entropy? And how long does it take to evolve from mold into this”a picture of a fuzzy holding the rains of his duster.”and my favorite of all time. Or my current favorite how long does it take for dust to evolve a hive mind and the job skills for this.”the incident with the enemy warship played out for jak jak.

“Who’s in the pool”?

“Everybody who has not took a look at alices internal clock is in on the bet. The buy in is one hundred credits. The bet is “how old is Alice.”

“That’s not much”

“Have you seen how many fleshys are in the neighborhood 83.547% have placed bets.”

jak jak’s head swiveled his head about taking a head count then looked at the dust coating Alice “I’ll save my money”.

“You coward”.

Notch woke up curled up with his new drinking partner smiley as Filis was cussing out something that looked like c3-po without its skin about something. His eyes where blurry as hell and his throat was raw and he felt sick as a dog with dried puke still stuck to the side of his head. The panicked bartender had had to call for haz-mat clean-up to handle the acid spill that had ate a chunk of floor and the leg of a chair. Tiamat had been head of haz-mat for nine years and suddenly she appeared and had then started a drinking game that had the unknown enemy warship that had cut through alices shields as a prize. Twelve hours later the ship was still unclaimed and Filis was gloating shamelessly that her Notch was the only one who got even close and he did that while trying to find a bathroom.

The jumpgate was spitting out ships in a constant stream as the outsiders warship was using a warp sling to save stuck ships and sling them at the gate as they hunted the vermin. They were due back for crew swap and refueling soon. With sub-space shattered they were using a gas injection ion drive and bussard ramscoops and Alice was sending tacheyon drive torpedos with the warheads stripped out and replaced with spare fuel for the thirsty drive. The torpedos were then mounted on the haul and ran till they expired for power then cast free


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