The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

jak jak

Jak Jak sat down on his ship “Jak in the box” the crew had went out of there way to retrieve him. Alec had recalled them twice but no ships were being spared from the war effort for rescue ops. This left Sloobee hunting for Jak Jak by himself. Sloobee’s crew had finally located the beacon among the background noise.

The captain made it clear who was in charge by asking “where to chief”

Before he could answer command com central reported that the cloning planetship had come under attack and the A.I. had jumped the whole sphere to points unknown for safety.

jak jak’s I.d. produce the rest of the file and jak jak noticed that the reports from Alec on Alice had arrived just prior to the attack.

“She will have jumped to Alice for protection she has the guns and the power to protect a clone sphere. we will follow.”

Using the massive mother ship class motors this deep in a galaxy was a big no no. the lines of sub-space ran to close. Jak Jak told all ships to jump for Alice at blue star or alternative safe haven within five hours or be stuck at sub-lightspeed for two years plus. Three short range fighters came screaming in and latched on to the outerhaul with short range tractor beams and snuggled in for the ride. the shockwave stranded most of the vermin in there ships in between stars and the planets were left on there own to win or lose the battles they faced but for the vermin with no backup most of these battles would go only one way.


Alec got word as the first ship arrived on the run from the sub-space disturbance screaming “stop the launches” Alice was informed and she switched to tacheyon driven hellhounds of hades. Those things were hell on com’s but the outsiders warship was balls deep in the battle around shlestack minor and required backup. Alec turned on the old binary flasher and ran updates Alice sent him via there personal link that was unaffected.

The next buffer dump Alec retrieved while Alice paused to yell at someone to clear her line of fire. Was chock full of check-ins for ships headed here, the distance and different speeds ment the stragglers would be showing up for weeks to come but the first rush would start exiting their jumps soon putting nearly a million ships in orbit around blue star in a weeks time and jak jak sent a message that said the cloning sphere had jumped and he was going to shatter sub-space when he left but he was holding to confirm that big mamma one made it first


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