The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

Notch woke up on Filis’s floor with Smiley curled into a ball next to him. The dark lady sat in the pilots seat scanning the files filis had salvaged from the “lady in chains” and the admiral was arguing with a manufactured drink maker who was telling haftrack that any factory to produce red bull would have to be located in a realm of existence they couldn’t find.

The star charts from a program skyeye had held Tiamats attention for a long time and Filis had noticed that she was zooming in on radio point sources that had no stars. Filis brought up her charts and just looked at the point sources and by rotating that chart over the chart from Notch’s computer she found a match. She put both maps up superimposed over each other and asked Tiamat “will this help”.

Tiamat stood up and studied the map closely as Haftrack stopped and watched.

The dragon queen turned to the admiral and said “earth has a population of billions of humans now days but the only way to open a doorway to there right now is to use alices jumpgate. That’s not big enough. We need the catch the inequality that brought Notch here in the first place. But the problem is that we will have to capture a wondering wormhole and that wormhole appears to be quite big so it will be tough. Alice I hope you got a good set of dampners. This hole is a fast mover. And it might be a rough ride.”

“Big Mamma’s are the best set out here” Alice told her.

“On the plus side I remember the address for the earth gate we can use it to scout it out. So once we make a connection from this end I should be able to dial the near earth space gate from within the stargate system of that realm and with the power Alice is packing we should be able to hold a solid two-way connection as long as we want.”

“Two-way?” haftrack asked.

“Yeah on jumps like this if you have enough power you can treat both gates as outgoing and you get a nice Two-way hook-up” the admiral had dreams of Two-way gates all over but Tiamat had continued on to inform Alice of how much power she would be required to produce.

Alice told her she had a problem. Her singletary had stopped spinning awhile back and in order to meet those demands she would have to figure out how to re-spin it. It was a problem that so far she could find no solution for.

Tiamat sat there for a full minute thinking about that then turned and looked at Filis with those eyes of hers then said “I need a drink” and disappeared.

Haftrack looked at smiley on the floor then walked out the door and called for ethel to close up shop and grab her drinking hat.


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