The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

of minions and solders

The ten solders had ran along the back trail of debris towards a tram ten miles from the embassy there helmets were dusted with carbon dioxide snow but the team were happily chatting back and forth on there radios with each other and there command top side.

The captain was saying that they wouldn’t get full hazard pay because Alice had no native species as they waited for the tram in the warm tunnel with there helmets off.

Alice choose this time to ask the captain if they had ever been in a first contact situation. The captain admitted that they had not.

The tram appeared in the tunnel and stopped on cue. The first car was clear and the door opened for them to enter, the windows of the rest of the cars were packed with small furry faces with round eyes and some kinda feathered birds ran around on the floor. The train stretched into the distance and the whole train appeared to be loaded with small fuzzy beings and a huge flock of birds.

The solders entered diplomatic services again, on over time, with a first contact bonus on the way. This was good news. There commander was happy that the minions ,as Alice now called them, spoke old galactic standard because his solders didn’t have translating gear without the bulky space suits.

Alice handled the first contact meeting in the train as it started on the long trip to the surface. Both sides got along but the birds didn’t like the newcomers and retreated further down the miles long train.


The panic had almost drove people to rush her lifts, but Notch’s fast action had stopped the would be boarders with a shot from his earth gun. He had pointed the “Magnum” at a tower beyond the block house and fired to get there attention the noise was bad enough but the tower falling had capped it and a work crew chief had requested permission to repair stubbys cargo ship for evac, she granted them permission and the admirals boys, who had been away to retrieve some v.I.p.s at the time this happened helped them by poking gun barrels in there backs and saying ‘faster faster’ in low menacing tones.

Five ships leaped off mudball packed with refugees and ran for blue star at a good clip. Filis had notch, Angel,Dan-no, Paatay, Stubby and the admiral and his boys on board plus five other v.I.p.s. The sight of Alice with Alec and that lone blue star in the backdrop choked her up and she cried in joy at Alice’s offer of her old berth with a view of the old stargate.

The good news locally was offset by news of war at central planets the vermin had took three systems in the first wave and central planets were begging for help.


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