The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

Grugknut was on the spacestation in the bar called Alec’s ‘can’ with some friends trying to rent those two bang-tail sisters from cunlingus prime. He was half drunk and coming off the dust. He was feeling mean because the bid had just went beyond his reach.

It was all those little fucking minions fault. They were everywhere getting into everything these days. That’s why he was broke. The little shits had busted his supply of visuvian moon dust and now it was all about no dope and no hope.

Those dopeless hopephines would start hunting for his ass soon. And when they found that the supply was dry. They would come after him for anything he had left, including his life.

He grimly stared at his reflection in the mirrors behind the bar. He had been strung out for the last year and it showed. His vision was shot his skin had a pale green pallor and his breath stank like death.

Something brushed his leg making his skin crawl like a bug attack. He saw one of that fat bitch Alice’s little dustmop minions just standing there watching the crowded bar.

With a snarl of cruel satisfaction he kicked the little fuzzy sneak thief and turned back to his drink with a self satisfied smile. The cowardly little bartender was staring at him in fear,that made him happy. He was looking for more trouble and had failed to notice the bartender was looking past him at someone else.

His shoulder suddenly froze and his muscles locked and burned with hot pain, he felt a horrible tearing as if something had bit him and was tearing a chunk off. It kept tearing like a billion billion nerves being torn and broken each in an infinity of pain each in a small eternity of time. Then the tearing reached his head and he could see his tortured face in the mirror behind the bar. His mouth was screaming but he couldn’t hear anything. With a final yank he was torn free. Cold silent black emptiness filled him and he realized that he was looking at his own body, he lunged for it and suddenly the teeth were there again tugging and pulling on him. His body jerked to it’s feet and stumbled after him, reaching for him, grasping at him, clutching at him, as he was somehow dragged away across the room. His eyes were blank and lost looking, his skin was loose except the mouth, it was locked in a scream he could not hear. His body reached for him but his hands were like air. They carried the memory of warmth and life, each fleeting contact was a drop of water to someone dieing from thirst.

Suddenly he was thrown. And he was outside flying, spinning, floating. he could see his body its face pressed to the window of the bar watching forlornly as it’s soul receded into space. There was a dark sinister biped behind himself. He knew who it was and what she had done. He had seen it happen before when someone would make her angry.

That evil bitch could still save him if she wanted, but she wouldn’t. She could still kill him if she wanted, but she wouldn’t. He probably should not have pissed her off. He should have left that fucking minion alone. He should have begged for death. Anything but this. Eternity. forever. nothingness. space.

Even the stars could not touch him. He was beyond. under and between realitys there was just him and the pale lights of stars.

No amount of screaming could make him hear. no taste, no touch, no smell, just cold, space, and stars.

He knew she ignored pleas for mercy but he tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried……….


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