The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


A large torpedo explosion beyond the nebula marked the former location of the vermin spawn ship followed closely by the explosion of the ship that made the vermin vipers they flew.

This would cripple there ability to wage war on the local front and the huge doctor fired the lethal twin beams of opposing forces at maximum range to nova a distant sun that had planets overrun with the scum.

The brainships asked for long term parking and forwarded the resumes for a thousand battle hardened vets. The brainships knew what she liked and they had brought the best of the best. Professionals that did as ordered.

The battered stragglers where bunched around alec because someone found some old records that suggested Helen had a nasty habit of removing hazards to navigation with a high-yield particle cannon. This was true but she was in a good mood right now so that wasn’t likely to happen.

The busted ships numbered in the hundreds and a few ships drifted past in pieces with crews fighting for there lifes in hard vacuum. The damages to the jumpgate had convinced the crew of cold-worlders that it was time to move the gate to a safer location. The remaining ships started towing the gate to the dim blue star in the distance.

The lifesupport systems were totally gone and the crew of the jump gate had declared a emergency. There suits were on reserve power and there gas supply had been destroyed in the last pass and the leader of the long lived cold worlders used an old diplomatic codec that got Beth’s attention.

He asked blandly how the laypow embassy was doing.

Helen told him the temp from her sensors and assured him the air was very good. She read the numbers of his gas supply and realized he wouldn’t make it. She ordered the closest military ship to evacuate the crew before they died of heat and then cleared an express lane.

That ship had gobs of delta-vee and a cyborg pilot who knew what express ment. He pinned the throttle and gave over his higher functions to angel so her control was direct and absolute. The response to control input was fantastically sensitive but her mind controlled the ship using his skills and the ship disappeared down a shaft at full reverse thrust but still going way to fast by most opinions.

Coldworlder embassys always sat between the serling cycle heat exchangers on top the cold sinkz. She was flying the ship through a tight network of passageways as hard as she could. Going up sidedown assbackwards and full on sideways to make time but the laypow ambassador was nearly out of gas as she belly woppered the boat down the last hallway scrapeing the ceiling and both walls as the ship slid through into the upper lobby and came to a rest ten feet shy of the airlock door. The solders had their spacesuits on. They carried the delegation from laypow inside and helped the big slow beings out of there suits so they could cool down and and breath decent air. Angel asked if they needed to hibernate they said “”and then they’d gone to sleep. She then told the solders to pack light because it was a long walk to the surface. They asked how far till it warmed up she laughed and said “sixty miles” they said “son of a bitch” she laughed even harder and said “no, I’m the original bitch.


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