The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

Helen interrupted her own proxys to inform everyone that negotiations for services would start as soon. But issues with her main cradle came first. She wanted it to be very clear who exactly was boss at blue star. She could see several factions forming with plans on claiming whole sections of Helen as there domains.

The issue was that an argument had started over who was going to use the cradle first. Before Angel had said anyone could even get near the damn thing. Some fuctarded asshole claimed his government had first sovereign claim by divine right and had took aim at the nearest outsider ship and then threatened to fire. This was a bit much and so Angel used the slaver ship cradle he was trying to claim to snatch his stupid divine ass, ship and all, right from orbit then gave him five minutes to evacuate the ship before she recycled his so called “shaft of divine judgement” for parts. The action proved the cradle was in good shape and well maintained.

She then told everyone that anyone that failed to respect her claim to a full parsec of space centered on blue star could now open fire and defend that claim in open combat. She was willing to take on all comers.

But no one wanted to mess with those guns at this range.

The outsiders need for ships was too great to be ignored and the massive door over her biggest hanger opened to reveal the “Shadow of Souls” a delicate looking spiderweb of an Outsider warship of profound beauty, incredible strength and truly massive firepower. It was the result of a hobby she had took up at a young age, many of the unique ships she had produced for fun had went on to be mass produced in great number.

The firebug she had first made to meet the needs of an old rockjack she used to buy from was still produced elsewhere in good numbers because the power to weight ratio at sub-lightspeed was still second to none.

The mighty outsider warship was pushed into orbit by tractor beams as the outsider ships clustered to receive the ship. They scanned for any flaws and found only perfection. The eight outsiders ships she had owed money to sent “paid in full” as the outsiders pulled there new warship into a clear orbit. As always the new outsiders ship had no engines but the parts to build any of a dozen power plants were attached to it in containers that would later be dumped.

The building heat in her core was causing the air to expand as the ice started to melt in to gases and water and the surface pressure was riseing nicely although it would be weeks before her tempature stabilized and she was now tumbling on all three axis so hot spots would not form from solar heating.

The Fuzzy Minions

Mother Helen had brought them to the janitors and sadly explained how she had failed to make them smart enough to be of any real use. But they would die in the changing climate if not saved by the fuzzys. The fuzzy minions knew waste was bad and the time there mother had put into breeding these critters had so far been a waste, cause they couldn’t clean worth a shit and finding a use for them was going to be tough.

The elder had put his best people to work trying to find uses for moms critters.

the results;

They’re alright fried but not to good boiled or smoked and cooking one on a kabab was hopeless.

The feathers stuffed into a cargo sack made a good bed that the ladys really liked…a lot.

The bones made nice jewelry.

There skulls made a decent cup and the bill made a nice handle for said cup.

The eggs could be boiled and ate the taste was “so so”

Attempts to catch one tasty looking specimen resulted in a wild eyed Fuzzy getting the ride of his life.The Fuzzy got carried around on one of the janitors back for five and a half a minutes before the winded creature suddenly gave up and came to a stop, the fuzzy still too scared to let go, kicked it and the janitor started to walk around slowly before there eyes. Those eyes were attached to small bodies and short legs. They all turned in unison to the herd of long-legged feather dusters on the far side of the huge elevator. The herd of feather dusters looked back.

The fuzzy minions rushed them in a stampede to catch there own ride. within a few hours races had formed to determine exactly who’s duster was fastest.

The large elevator that carried the little fuzzy minions and janitors was staying where the temature and pressure was within there limits. The little furry minions had put harnesses on the janitors and were training them to pack there people about on there new adventures.


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