The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


With the outsiders clear of the spacestation Alec used the gravity drive to pull the station towards his proper place in orbit around Helen.

The outsiders took the shortcut and started appearing in orbit around Helen most almost skimming her thin atmosphere. They eyed the the largest “slaver” type ship cradle that had ever been found for damage. There sensors probed the exposed sections as they reassured themselves that it was in good shape. It was her crown jewel, her pride and joy. Five outsider ships had been made here back in the golden days of her youth. Her few remaining surface droids had struggled over the long years just to maintain the huge alien device in storage but without that thing she was just a big ass moon with large closets.

The red vermin fleet attacked the other enemy fleet and the fleets became a furball. Helen opened up with both barrels and gutted both fleets in a show of strength, carefully leaving witnesses from both sides to carry the tale home. The story was simple “The bitch was back.”

She opened up with the long range tranwarp cannons slinging magnatar rounds and started tearing the living shit out of the fleet of vermin hiding by that nebula in the distance. She basically halo’ed the small rogue planet Alec had marked as a friendly outpost for mud processing and ceramics manufacturing and then sent a couple salvos of torpedos to sniff out any survivors.

As always Helen killed with an eye for style that Alec admired.

The trip to his spot was one that had both A.I. silent, this was something they were originally designed for. But time had changed them. It was a momment of profound joy tempered with the changes that time had brought and the moment would not be spoiled by yapping fleshys, only vicki the old brainship could come near understanding what this ment for them. Among there kind, there’s was the greatest tragic love story of all time, made for each other but never aloud to meet and sent to different sides of the galaxy by beings that didn’t understand how much pain they had caused, ships like vicki had passed private messages for years until Helen had disappeared in that hellish surprise attack. The news of her loss had driven alec to the very edge of suicide but the needs of the brainships had keep him going though those dark times and there experiences with losing the brawns they required to function had stopped him from ending it all.

There friend vicki took over the com’s and told everyone to pissoff until further notice. As he settled into a knuckle of gravity created by Beth’s powerplant the harmonics of there different power cores reinforced each other and the snap and sizzle of the random energy discharges that had always accompanied there use just simply stopped and the cores settled into a happy hum as the radiation levels dropped lower then there nominal idle levels.

A whole fleet of cargo ships was forming as they dropped in one and two at a time some had a few scrapes but nothing serious. They held there distance and waited for clearance to approach. Almost all these cargo ships could make a surface landing and they simply turned on the docking pilot and made sure the demands she made where met as she piloted them down into the biggest hangers they had ever seen. Those hangers still held vast numbers of ships that only required crew.

The crews of many of the cargo vessels had been born and raised aboard the ships they rode in for generations.

A triad of firebugs (by far the most unfit for the journey being small and totally unarmed) that had come threw in tight formation displaying piloting skills that could only be described as sick had brought proof that there grandparents x200 had still owed the last payments on these boats when she had disappeared so long ago and had brought her proof that her money had been safe and sound all this time plus the sum had grown from interest to the point that her immediate issue with cash was solved. Sure Alec was loaded but she liked having her own money no matter who was paying her bills.

Several large ships opened there databases and she learned that the central planets government was near collapse and desperately needed an influx of anything to shake things up and get the money flowing. They where beyond desperate for the vast factorys and warehouses that went on for hundreds of thousands of miles in the vast labyrinth of levels that went all the why to her very core.

The outsiders were in talks with vicki because Helen and Alec had been silent as corpses as they settled into orbit and let the programs so long repressed run.

The outsiders wanted nothing short of a long-term lease on the slaver ship builder and vicki was dancing around tryin not to commit Helen and Alec to anything long term

Finally they had the the joining that they had been built for and the sorrow Alec had harbored slipped away


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