The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

The pinger was almost to popover and the last evacuating familys had the door slam on there asses as Alec blew the ship “Jak in the box” clear using the air on that now empty deck.

The new captain short-hopped it just clear of the docking ring in fast order regardless of the huge size. The shields came on and the drives started spooling up as he prepped for a long jump.

Suddenly a fleet of the unknown alien ships appeared right on his nose at point blank range and all hell broke loose.

The new captain was in the line of fire for both fleets and the unknown aliens started to hammer at his forward shielding as they tried to cook their way through too Alec. But the intergalactic grade transmatter shielding was almost perfect and and the massive sinkz just sucked it up.

Alec tried to get his shit together in the suddenly insane chaos.

The Scuekcuum hall “Jak in the box” was beyond tough and Captain Sloobee had smuggled goods out here for a lot longer then Alec had peddled goods, he knew of these basterds, his whole crew knew of them. There experiences with these aliens had bonded them together. They knew they tended to blow there wad early if you pushed them just right. So he sat right there in the kill zone, taking the bulk of the deadly barrage on those massive shields.

Alec was struggling to turn his defensive network to face the scathing attack.

The outsiders clustered in the shadow of that posted ship they joined shields and spat fifty kinds of death past Sloobee’s position. The quantum jump drive was charged and set as the enemy tried to deploy there primary weapon.

Alec demanded Captain Sloobee jump the “Jak in the box” repeatedly even though he was still heavily exposed. As a gateway opened to bring there planet destroying juggernaut onto the field of battle, the crafty old captain smiled at the old hated enemy in triumph, his crew screamed, yelled and howled there hatred and defiance. Sloobee boldly hacked the enemy commanders main view screen and pasted the coat of arms for his home planet across there it. The planet didn’t exist anymore, the enemy had destroyed last time they were here.

Then they jumped through the wormholes tail causing the artificially created passage to collapse crushing the lethal gunship and her escorts as the evacuation ship disappeared for the planet of Ark.

Sloobee sent just one message. Transmitted in the open. “They are a hive mind. Goodluck.”


Helen had kept an eye on the pinger and when that hoard of warships rang it, she jumped too. It allowed her to make the trip safely while almost totally blind.

After all she had always enjoyed a party and from what she could see it was likely to be a good one. With those worthless red vermin trying to crash it and spoil Alec’s fun well she would slide on in and show them how to throw a real party.

The jump out was uneventful but it had been a long time so she enjoyed the view of the stars from under the thin veil of sub-space. She knew better then to jump in too close and made for deep orbit on the far side of the small blue dwarf Alec was trailing.

She dropped in too reality without a ripple to betray herself. She was using her huge dampners at full power to mask her mass. She surveyed the scene as Alec was forced to split his forces to deal with the fleet of red vermin that had suddenly attacked both fleets on there flanks and started doing damage to both fleets.

Alec’s impacted shields were starting to collapse and the outsiders had been forced back to close support. There shielding was starting to leak and there nearest back up was inbound but still hours away.

The massive coils that powered the molecular disruption devise barely noticed the discharge as Helen started to snipe the biggest enemy ships as they came into her deadly gaze, the outsiders detected her on the first shot and retreated as close to Alec as they could and opened up on the two fleets to drive them back so Helen could get a clear shot.

The fleets finally retreated to the edge of there sensor range which left them still well within the range of alices sensors and guns but she stopped shooting so the interference would stop fouling the communications.


The remaining warships retreated under heavy fire. The outsiders had crowded so close that four of the most damaged were in direct contact with his outer haul in an attempt to clear the lines of deadly fire coming from the far side of the blue dwarf. The power signature was that of a unique powerplant that used a one-of-a-kind slaver artifact. Alec had ordered the fleet to fire on the nearest enemy ships with maximum power at point blank range and to push them back.

As the enemy realized someone new had crashed the party they had backed off.

Alec was smug in the knowledge that Helen had been using just one barrel of the doctor and at a very low setting. The increased range actually put them in more danger as she would no doubt soon show them. The old brainship vickie that had sat in hanger forty two on life support for the last ten years because of a shredded primary power core, of which only three had ever been made, a thousand years before and that no one could fix for lack of special parts, greeted Helen like an old friend and they started to talk about old times.


This exchange was just one of many that Helen was engaged in at the same time as she also answered hails from outsider ships requesting parts that were stored in the vast warehouses that had disappeared so long ago. Vickie was asking for parts so rare and unique that Helen was going to have to make them from scratch. Alec was just happy to see her.

The news that outsider ships had been attacked while under drive stunned her a bit as no one knew how it was done.

The outsiders had been forced to help defend the last remaining alpha dock within reach as the loss of the only three remaining ones around this galaxy became known. As it was outsider ships where limping here in hopes Alec would somehow survive the current onslaught. They had no choice as the only ship that had made the precious alpha cradles was now just a smear of radio noise after it had suffered an attack early on. Going down with all hands as the debris got sucked into a star with any survivors.

It was a massive blow and word of Helen’s appearance went out on sub-space to all outsiders ships in range.


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