The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


Bad timing it was that brought him out the door at this time because Mistytoe was comeing into heat and that simple minded bug stepped on her mud, she kicked it out of her nest to teach it a lesson and then patted the offended mud back down the way she liked it. She now realized the mud was not important, she just liked her mud without dusty footprints on it.

Now were was stupid? She had a use for him and he was being a little scared bitch about it. It was about time he give up what she had coming to her.


“Well that’s something you don’t see everyday” her new friend Notch said she followed his gaze then hit rewind to catch the sight of ol’crusty butt getting his ass kicked by a female lug of all things. And she had an awesome view of crusty’s butt flipping end over end going down an alley between two buildings. She was laughing out loud as she piped the feed to the rest of his troops and rolled it back and forth a few times then applied some creative editing with a catchy tune from the new files she got from “lady in chains” added that and had the guys laughing there asses off.

Notch asked “Is he alright?”

“Don’t know”she said”hold on”,then via loudspeaker.


A hand stuck up from the mud about halfway down the alley displaying what Notch was to learn was a universal sign of disapproval, here they called it the ‘Nova’, on earth they called it the ‘Bird”.

“Yeah, it might be a good idea to go give him a ride back. He’s no doubt pissed about me trying to recruit you out from under his nose.”

“Recruit for what?” Notch asked.

“He wants you to join his team of mercenaries for hire.”

“Not a chance! What you got?”

“I’m a brainship but I require a brawn partner to be fully functional. My last brawn got him got himself killed two days ago.”she said.

“Ssooo, the job, it’s currently open?”

“Its yours if you want it.”

Notch yipped like a coyote all the way to the quad. He jump on it and launched it off the side of the building in a massive jump. Filis gave an internal gasp as he made a perfect landing in the low gee and went to retrieve “ol’crusty butt” from the mud. She realized that the little machine he rode was extremely powerful as it took off fast enough to render many species unconscious or dead.


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