The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


Angel had to be cut out of her suit as filis took her time and made it a soft trip. The damage was bad but on inspection she suspected it was in fact done in a hurry by a doctor of some skill. After all this time, the damage bad as it was could be repaired, the beautiful wings had been broken and folded into the suit in such a way that the blood had stayed flowing and traces of medicines flowed threw her veins from five slim med packs taped to her belly, the suit showed signs of last minute modifications to graph the lifesupport pack from one of angels purpose built suits on to this one.

Filis had put the poor girl out as her head hit the pillow. Now she pinged the spacestation intending to send a quick message to Angels dad. But it was gone, just simply not there. Subspace link and everything up and vacated. She didn’t waste time wondering were it went or how it left. she now had a visual of the landing zone and could see the ship and what appeared to be the creature in question next to an old block house. It retreated inside as she got close so she adjusted her landing as close as could without cooking everything with jetwash.

The creature was back outside as the dust settled. Filis was impressed by the speed at which it moved. It jumped from the ship to the deck on the on the buildings second floor and then it jumped the length of the deck and skipped lightly to a stop at the edge of the building.

Then it leaped to the ground covering half the distance to her landing site in one smooth jump, it stuck the landing and strolled around her landing pods. She studied the upturned face with square teeth and liked what she saw


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