The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


Angel had held out little hope of getting a ship to fly under the quarantine. Ambassador or not, but the sleek trim outlines of a ship known industry wide as a Brainship made her weep with joy as she stumbled weakly toward the warm glow of the beckoning lift.

She was weeping in pain in just a few feet. She was sobbing openly as she stumbled weakly into the lift. She could hear a small voice far away. But the blood pounding in her ears was drowning the sound out. She screamed in pain as the lift stopped. There was no brawn to help her and she staggered weakly to the autodoc. It kept getting further and further away. And she could feel her mouth making words but she had no idea at all what she was saying.


Dan-no was more than glad to dump this case on Groat. Groat had way better resources, sure he was a mafia boss but in this situation Groat’s ident made him commander under the current marshal law. And he was a mafia boss. With mafia financial support at his immediate disposal.

Dan-no produced some badges from his desk and tossed them on the table. Paatay picked one up. Dan-no looked at Groat and his goons.

“Badges” Erny the number two goon snorted and said slowly “we don’t need no stinking badges.”


Filis had had no idea that Angel herself was onboard. She tumbled out of the drop ship in a spacesuit and discarded her helmet, Filis zoomed in on angels face and gave an internal cry of despair at the apparent condition of her favorite fleshy. Filis quickly set the autodoc with Angels personnel Ambassador code as Angel got close to the lift.

Filis called from the lift speakers “Angel, this is Filis, I’ve lost another brawn, I can’t help you. You must get too the doc by yourself, but its all setup, all cozy and warm. Come on girl. You can do it.”

Angel was babbling incoherently not even making real words just mumbled sounds.

Filis realized with a shock angel was in a suit for a species without wings and it was too small on top of that. To save her life someone had had too break both her beautiful delicate wings to get them into the suit. Dried blood from the compound fractures matted her hair. Angel was sobbing openly in relief as the waldo arm on Filis’s autodoc reached out to catch her one good hand and she sank into bed facedown begging the doc to put her to sleep…..

A faint request for drugs was the only thing she said that made any sense.


Paatay’s comunit blerped. All eyes had turned to him as he stared at it. “She’s here” he whispered “She came. She’s hitching a ride with Filis from Redmud township. E.T.A. fortyfive minutes plus change.”

“Who is Filis and who is coming?”Dan-no had to ask.

“Angel” Groat said as he made eye contact with his goons. They both left and headed out and down the hallway sending the looky lou’s home. Then they split up to clear the floors above and below.

Goon two got to the top floor stepped around a corner and meet Dr.Device held by a three fingered monster made out of teeth, claws death and insane childhood nightmares. Expert digits relieved him of his weapons while the twin barrels of the “doctor of destruction” stared into his eyeballs from less then an inch away.

He held very very still while his ident was studied intently, a low voice pronounced him clear and the huge barrels of what could only be described as a handcannon of mass destruction moved aside as did ten retired and extremely dangerous mercenaries. Everyone of them was famous in there own right and a couple of them for battle campaigns in galaxies not even visible from this one.

But that night on ark so long ago, there had been a ship that had just returned from beyond the outer rim and a whole family of those nightmares had been onboard. Those two bonded lifemates had held the gates at that old hot plant, so the citizens of that city could escape into the underground tunnels. He had heard that two had ruthlessly slaughtered over two thousand red vermin each in those tunnels.

But the ungainly, knobby headed, skinny kid those two had left behind. He had been all claws, teeth and elbows with claws that looked way to big. The events on Ark had been a long time ago. But you don’t forget someone who had saved your life.Especially one that saved your life that many times in one day.


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