The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


Chappietoe was a Big Lug and his mate was proud of him for finding a planet with such nice mud, The shelter could be better but he would see to that to now that the light problem had been solved. He had heard a lot of talk, but his new neighbour seemed nice and his lights had mistytoe displaying the first early signs of nesting behavior. If she came into season and conceived she would be the first to conceive a natural child since the lost of the lug homeworld during the fall.

This meant that he would be the first male of his kind to father a child outside of a lab in living lug memory. That was whole reason Angel sent them here in the spacestation in the first place she had owed chappietoe a “favor”.

The mud was awesome but something had been missing just like so many other moons and planets lugs had tried. But then the heavy ship came and when they felt the intense rays of light it produced they knew suddenly, instinctively what was missing, so heavy or not that ship was going were mistytoe could stay close until the time came. Until that time came he knew exactly what to do…wait. What exactly to do when the actual time comes, him nor any lug left alive had any idea.

He was very very scared about that part, he honestly had nothing to go on at all.


How the heck that idiot had survived on a day to day basis had been a profound mystery to her.The fact that he got smashed in an accident of his own making meant she lost the betting pool and now owed her friend the brain for the “Angel of ark repair and salvage” spacestation a fat sum of credits.

But in her own defense he had been stabbed three times in barfights and she had considered the bet a sure thing. Well he was gone and good riddens. But right now she was trapped dirtside like all those fleshies out there. At least the news feed from the farside was worth watching. The lugs had moved the metal ship out into the open and when she read the spectrum lines she gave a mental gasp at the the massive chunk of highly refined metal.

She gazed with an almost sexual desire upon enough metal to make herself into a juggernaut the red scum couldn’t scratch in combat. And because her main drive was a “will-be-was” it would make her faster, a lot faster. But the speed that creature moved at was stunning and the files she had see impressed her so she started searching for an excuse to break quarantine long enough to for the flight over there.

Angel of ark’s backup identity code leaped up with an article 28 clearance with a section 5 kicker.

She was empty and light with a licenses to kill or destroy anything to make that pickup and deliver it anywhere. She launched at full burn without looking for possible fleshy casualtys.

She was merely five miles from there predicted landing zone and touched down with the drop ship still a hundred feet up.


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