The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


Intel from the other side suggests that the enemy vermin had even less luck dealing with the alien incursions.

Something about that dull orange-red skin, pointy teeth and thin tail with wings plus small nob like horns seems to send them into some kind of frenzy. The reason for this is unknown but their encounters have, according to reports, all went badly, some epicly so.

The oldest suspected case was so strange and bazaar that it almost defied logic, but revenge is like that sometimes.

The natives of “Juno 4” a small water planet covered by shallow seas were beings who did there long distance traveling via artificial wormholes. When the red vermin came; the peaceful natives lacked the guns and the ships to protect themselves and the unique air they breathed existed no where else in the known universes.

But apparently they had heard somewhere that “revenge was a meal best served cold”. And it appears they had the cooking skills to serve such a meal. In a series of suicide jumps scouts went to a universe where the most dangerous beings they had ever found lived, beings so tough they could survive on just the trace gases in there unique atmosphere. They were looking for a special type that lived in a climate so extreme scouts lived an average of just ninety seconds on site and time could not be spared to bring them home to die. As fate cut the stings on there peaceful race forever short, she granted one final wish, in the form of a very large group, ships and all on there yearly migratory raids .

There greatest mind collapsed weeping in relief and a scream of defiance echoed to the ears of the last defenders as she activated the program. She could hear rapid gunfire in the hallway outside her lab as she turned and led her lab coated sisters to follow there mates into death in a battle that was lost a week ago.

As the taste of victory kissed there little forked tongues it was soiled by the formation of a huge wormhole over a shallow sea and five primitive alien waterships made from organic materials fell through with enough water to flood the area and destroy the video feeds. As to what exactly happened after, that is lost to the fog of war. But the last complete frame showed five large red sails attached to long skinny boats with smooth bottoms. Three weeks later the invaders run a couple dozen fully charged power cores into the sun, it went nova destroying everything in that system and then the little red vermin went home with nothing and stayed there awhile


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