The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston


Notch shot out the door on the quad, veered to the right and headed for an ally between two buildings. He was bombing along past alien beings of many types but notch was moving so fast that they could barely see what went by. Notch quickly realized no one was chasing him and no one could catch him so he settled down and started take his time and explore in earnest. In some cases he found open doors and buzzed around inside for a bit before heading out to explore some more. The buildings for the most part were huge warehouses nestled into clusters with huge spaces between for spaceships. The few spaceships he saw however were broken and torn apart with whole pieces missing and parts left scattered around in such a way as to suggest an on going salvage operation. Notch had seen many broken spaceships and empty warehouses as he wandered around then after a few hours of scaring the crap out of random aliens (he found that by driving at them at a about ten miles an hour and swerving to miss at the last moment sent most of them into proxisms of fear) then driving off with a fart of diesel smoke and a peal of laughter mixed with the burble of a two-stroke sleeve-valve one-lung diesel engine.

That was fun for a while then notch got bored and headed back to the ship for lunch. He came blasting back into the large square that the big ugly ship that brought him here sat in. He saw lights from down the street and slowed down to see what was going on, as he rounded the corner he smiled and gunned the throttle and ran the quad across to were the “lady in chains” now sat on her keel against a small block house with a patio/deck almost level with the port side sea wall. Notch drove around the ship and the empty building then through the bottom floor with a hand held spotlight so that he missed nothing and that was what he saw nothing but walls and ceilings and dirty floor just a ramp about ten foot wide going up to a floor above no doors or anything.

He cruised on out the far side then came around the backside of the lady and noticed with shock that apparently the three huge slow behemoths had drug the ship out and across a few hundred yards to a building and had propped the ship up in such a way that the main lights pointed towards the awning used by the behemoths for a rain shelter.

The behemoths were there now and appeared quite content with the new setup. Notch turned back to the big door in the building and turned up the ramp, it came out in a room up stairs and a doorway provided access to the deck/patio. Notch parked in a good spot then walked over and stepped onboard onto the crew deck, then went down to the galley scored soda pop made a sandwich, went up to the wheelhouse and flopped down in the captains chair and swiped a smoke.

That was when he got the feeling he was being watched. Notch’s eyes narrowed and he suddenly realized that the building dead ahead had windows and in every window there was faces, alien faces with eyes crowded in each and every window. Staring at him.

It was as creepy as a rockfish three days dead in the hold on ice twitching with no head.


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