The Deal

After fumbling with the lock on the door, I was finally allowed to enter the room. On the floor in front of me, traced in jagged bullet holes as if it were connect the dots, were the words: WE HAD A DEAL. I dropped the key and raised both of my hands to cover my mouth. Blood started to ooze from the holes, and made a puddle under my shoes.

What the hell. I said in my mind as fear slowly started to consume me. I was paralyzed; all I could do was stare at the bloody message.

“Did somebody say, ‘Hell’” I whipped myself around to where the voice was coming from. Nothing. A chill runs down my spine, heart starts to race, and my breathing got heavier; this confirmed me that someone, or something was present.

“Ha-ha” echoed the voice; it sounded like a male. I scanned the room and hall quickly with wide eyes to check for any sign of movement, but it was difficult for it was too dark.

“I sense that somebody’s scared” he said to my right. “I sense that you’re scared, Holly” he said to my left.

I turned my head to both directions where it was coming from, I spot nothing but my sister’s doll sitting on a little wooden chair staring at me. Creepy, but it’s just a stupid doll.

“And I love it” said the doll.

And I scream at the top of my lungs and startled backwards. I bump my back onto something. I hurled myself around and my screaming stops completely; it was not that I wanted to stop screaming, but I could not—like in a nightmare.

“Boo” he said.

I fell to the floor glaring at him: Black cloak, a shadow as a face, and a grand height. He looked like the grim reaper. I quickly pull my thoughts together. How on earth was a stranger able to break into this super secured house? Well, an idiot can figure it out—go through the back door. But how was he able to make the doll talk?

“It’s not that hard, Honey” he answered my unspoken question.

I continued to stare at him in terror. Now, how did he do that? He probably was talking nonsense, and just so happened to answer my question out of luck.

“No, not really. I can read your mind, Holly. Your precious, pure mind” he chuckled.

As soon as he said that, I kicked his knee in the hopes of knocking him down, but it seemed like I kicked a pole. His knee was like steel, and—of course—I hurt myself. I bit my lip and held my foot hoping the pain would go away quickly.

“Very smart” he murmured.

“Who are you? And how did you get in my house?” I belted at him.

“Who am I? You don’t remember me, Holly? Ouch, that hurts my feelings” he cupped his chest where his heart would be. “Plus, you already answered your second question” he winked. “Well, I didn’t expect you to remember me, but we have met before. Do you remember the hospital? Our little deal? No, well let me remind you” he said as he approached me, kneeled and placed his hands on either side of my head and forced me to look at face.

I saw a form of a face, but not clearly. His eyes were the bluest kind of blue I have ever seen, and I started to get lost in his eyes. My vision became dark like a tunnel, then completely dark like if I were sleeping. I felt peaceful, until I felt like I was falling and hit the ground. I jerked myself out of my dazed and saw Dark face staring at me. The floor was cold and I was looking at my surroundings: nurses walking back and forth, doctors talking to kids, and my sick sister. I stood up and walked towards her bed.

“She can’t see you, Dummy. This already happened” he pulled me back to see to whole view of the room; with that I saw my sleeping parents, and me. The younger me. This whole thing felt weird. Daja Vu. “That’s because you had this dream a couple of times. It was me reminding you of our deal, since you were too young to remember this even happened” he said. “Now watch”

I stood back and watched. Both my parents and sister were sleeping. I was falling asleep on a chair, but seemed to fail. I had my stuff animal—a cat—in my arms, and had to be at least six-years-old. My younger self was just watching my poor, sick sister connected different kinds of monitors and machines. I jumped down from the chair, and walked towards my sister to hold her hand. Then, another hand was placed on top of mines. It was him. He wore the same cloak and hood.

“Step back little booger. I’m going to take your sister” he said.

“What? NO! I won’t let you. NO!” I yelled with my high-pitched voice. “Mom, Dad!”

“They can’t hear you, Love” he murmured with a baby voice.

“Yes they can. Ahh!!!” I screamed.

Dark Face placed his hands over his ears.

“Stop. Be quiet you damn girl” he now placed his hands over my mouth to quiet me, but I only bit him. “Ah! My God, what kind of creature are you” he said as I giggled. “Oh, so you think that’s funny, let’s see if you start laughing when I stop your sister’s heart” he said as he started to unplug my sister from all the monitors.

“Stop! Why are you doing that?!”

“Because it is time for your sister to die” he simply said.

“No, I love her a lot. Please don’t” I said as tears started to run down my checks. “PLEASE!”

“Well, if you insist” he murmured and stop unplugging my sister from the monitors.

“We can make a deal?”

“Okay” I whispered.

“I will not take your sister’s life”

“Yes, okay”

“But…you will”

“What?” I started at him with a confused look on my face.

“If you don’t, your soul will be all mines” he said cheekily.

“No, you are cheating!” I belted.

“Sorry, Boo. You already agreed” he said as he started to disappear. “You have until her sixteenth birthday”

He left me scared and confused. I turn my attention back to the present Dark Face. I remember now. Dark Face covered me with his cloak and I fell back into my dozy state. When he uncovered me we were back at my house in my bloody room.

“Who are you?” I asked with a trembling voice.

“Well, I am Lucifer’s second cousin half removed, to be technical” he murmured. “But my name is Omen.” He said as he cupped my chin.

“You’re a demon?” I inquired.

“Duh” he answered.

“And Susan’s birthday is tomorrow, darling. What a nice birthday gift to your sister.” He chuckled. He squeezed my face and pushed it hard to my left. He turned around and started to walk towards the front door. Omen stopped right in front of the door then faced me. “You have until tomorrow” he said and opened the door. “Oh, and kill your boyfriend too. I’m not really digging him”

“No” I said not knowing where the sudden confidence came from.
Suddenly, the entire house became red.

“What?” he quickly turned around and flue until we were face-to-face.

“You heard me. No” I called trying to be brave, but obviously failed.

“You made me wait this whole time for nothing? Well, I guess you leave me with no choice, Holly. Think about what you are saying to me real closely” he murmured in a deadly tone that made chills run up my spine.

There was not much to think about. I love my sister too much to even think about that awful, vile thought. The thought of my sister growing up flashed through my mind and out came the words that I will never take back. “No” I whispered to his face.

“You stupid girl” he chuckled. “You officially belong to me.”