Story About Marc and an Angel

Marc was a 8 y.o. kid, he was smart and extraordinary boy. He was very curious about lots of things, space, planets, dark holes, UFO’s, angels. Especially he was very interested in angels. When he was asking his mom about them, she just said

“Marc, I really don’t know much about them, I just heard that babies are angels, they are innocent, they don’t do something bad on purpose, they cannot think bad. What else…I saw some pics of them having wings…maybe when you grow up you’ll find some answers yourself..”

Marc wasn’t satisfied with her answer, but when he asked his Daddy his answer wasn’t satisfying either “Why do you need to know that? Just go and play”

He had some books, which mentioned angels helping children; he was reading that book again and again. He was thinking about his unanswered questions a lot. When he went to bed he wished that he could see some angels, and talk to them.
When he fell asleep, he started to see a dream:

He was in his bed when he saw snow-white small horse from his window, having wings like an eagle has. Horse opened the window and said:

“Hi Marc, my name is Brack, you wished to see angels, I came here to take you to an angel Bethor, would you like to come, don’t worry I can bring you back after some hours, I’m your friend”

Marc happily agreed. When he sat on Brack, he felt his soft skin; he was amazed by his tail, which looked like peacock’s tail, very colorful and sparkling. Brack gave him very warm long coat, “Put it on, it’s very cold there. Hold on me tight! We’ll go to Jupiter!” he said.

Brack’s steps were enormous; his speed was like speed of light! After some minutes they were already on Jupiter. Marc saw enormous creature, so called Bethor. Bethor was so big that Jupiter was in size of his head! To be able to talk to Marc he became in size of a human just in one minute, he could change his size whenever he wanted.

He was white, gentle and seemed very kind:

“Welcome Marc! I’m Bethor, supervisor of Jupiter. This is my only job. You were very curious about us, angels, I can tell you about us, and I’m happy that a human like you visited my planet”

“There are many angels all around this universe, there cannot be any gap, any emptiness in space. Every planet has an angel.

As you humans have air, we have here antimatter (opposite of your concept of matter), dark matter, space is filed with it. Here in space life is quieter than on your small planet, I have neighbor angels, who look after Mars and Saturn, we are very friendly here. We play with each other throwing comets. We love our space, we are thankful for that. However, you humans always want more and more. You are so tiny but your desires are bigger than space” said Bethor.

Marc: “No, I don’t have enormous desires; I just want Ipad and chocolate for Christmas”

Bethor: “Let’s see what you’ll want when you grow up, Porsche, mansion and chocolate fountain?”

Well, let me go on. I know some fellow angels, they are small like you. Did you know that you have 360 angels around you? At every angle. You don’t see them, but they see you. They leave you when you are naked like having bath etc, when you put clothes on they come again, you see they are shy to look at you at that moment. They have different work, some of them write down everything you do, they know what you think, if you do something good, they put pluses at your invisible book. Book of Marc’s life. If you do something bad, they put minuses.

When you forget something, and there’s a moment when you suddenly remember it, it is the moment when an angel whispers it at your ear. However, when you go to dark places, at night for example, they cannot be much helpful to you, they cannot protect you there. There are other bad creatures living in dark places, they can harm you. As you don’t see them you can step on them, and they become angry, make you fall or something.

What about our food? We don’t eat, we just smell some fresh and clean aromas, I can say it is our food, nice smells. Next time you come here, bring some fragrances to me. We, angels don’t sleep, don’t have genders, boys or girls. We are made of light. Most people cannot see us, but some special people can.

He showed Marc the planet; it was very windy and cold there.

Bethor went on: “Here we have 67 moons, some names are Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Metis, Adrastea, Amalthea, Thebe etc. Our day is much shorter than yours, less than 10hours. Other planets look boring to you, having no rich nature like yours on Earth, but still other planets are more peaceful. I prefer living here. My angel friends like Michael, Gabriel, Azrael live on Earth.”

Marc: “I got cold, wanna go home, can I go?” he looked at Brack. “Ok” they both answered.

“You are always welcomed here Marc, as long as Brack can bring you here, take care, don’t grow up like other ordinary humans, be curious, invent, think about science, not only money, have faith!”

Brack brought him home. Marc was very happy for his trip!

Marc woke up in the morning, full of enthusiasm and excitement…