Sagmore’s Star

“Damn you all too hell!” He bellowed at the audio feed. His eyes raked across to board to confirm his course was still good. “Hell be damned in a hand basket if you’re going to catch me. It ain’t happening! I ain’t stopping! No way! No how. Forget about it. You ain’t got the balls it takes to follow me. And I doubt that piece of crap your flying will even make it through the event horizon in one piece anyways.”

There was a flare of high end radiation from behind him and slightly to port. Jimmy the ‘two can’ popped the safeties on the drive limiter and shoved both the throttles handles forward until they rested firmly on the firewall in front of him.

He grimaced as the power kicked him in the small of his back and he shoved the steering yoke forward. The nose of his ship dropped and every alarm on-board started screaming as the projected course he was on intersected the chaotic region of space hidden beyond the confines of normal space-time.

Sagmore’s star was in the ‘No man’s land’ that existed beyond the ‘eye of the needle’. Buried deep in the massive cosmic storms of the ‘Heechee Cluster’ nebulae. The well of gravity he was toying with was the ‘Demon of Apocalypse’ and now, he was it’s ‘Herald’.

The enemy had replaced his fear with righteous fury and bottomless rage. His memory of his homes destruction was far to fresh in his mind for caution to stay his hand.

They were following just him now. Looking to destroy him and his little ship. He was the last. Of all the ships that had fled his home planet his was the last one left. The handcrafted drive cannons he rode were the best his grandfather had ever grown. The laminated layers of the power core had been lain by the hands of virgin priestess of the old religions sects from the space born hybrids they had sent to the stars ages ago in exploration ships. The navigation array was a wholly alien device that had been given to them by some aliens from a nearby star. The drive link was a experimental unit that had never been tested prior to the invasion. He had bolted it in place of the worn drive unit that had been there before. His old shield emitters were nearly useless. The worn and scarred hull was a family relic salvaged from the battle field of an ancient war. And his life support consisted of a bunch of air gas cylinders strapped down in every conceivable place possible throughout the interior of the small vessel.

He grabbed for a actual paper chart of this region of space. It was the only navigational aid he had for this far down. His sensors started to fail one by one and his cabin slowly went dark.

Soon almost the only light was that which came in though the windows. The captain sat staring in stark terror as the stars smeared across the tapestry of reality and blended into a smoothly featureless soup of plunging proto-matter and torn protons of light.

He didn’t buck the tide, he ran with it. The spin of those masses of matter warped nearby space giving the local region a sympathetic coriolis force effect that caused that classic whirl visual effect. He went with the tide attempting to skirt the edge of the truly unknown as much as possible.

As he stared at the crazy zigzag lines of tidal force and gravity waves indicated on the chart in his hand he realized one stark stone cold fact.

He was totally screwed.

“Fuck that, and screw you too.” He screamed as he hit his Wartime Emergency Power supply. He was pretty sure they couldn’t understand him but cussing helped with stress.

The ship called Jimmy the ‘two can’ nearly blew her drive cannons off there mounts of the ship as raw fuel dumped into the power core. The darkness of the ships cabin was lit with flashing warning lights as the captain was slammed back into the seat and the vessel took off piling on velocity at a frightening rate.

Sagmore’s star was a binary black hole.

By pure chance the ship called ‘Jimmy the Two Can’ had dropped into the wake zone of the smaller of the two mass’s. The passage of the dark star swept the ships path clear if debris as it swept past the theoretical point between the two orbiting masses still gaining speed.

In the realms beyond the reach of the laws of reality, speed is absolutely everything. What happens in those rare moments when matter leaves and subsequently reenters the the known universe is truly subject to debate.

It is experienced differently by everyone that suffers such an event. There perceptions of non-structured reality is coloured by there individual life experiences and as such no two descriptions could ever match.

While many theorist describe in great detail what happens beyond the event horizons of black holes, no scientists that have bothered to go look into a black hole, have ever went on to make such vain assumptions ever again.