I, in my sleep, glided through a dark, rough and hot tunnel, that my buttocks got severely bruised, for with them I slid through the tunnel, and my foot was utterly cooked by its heat, and my eyes ultimately blinded, for the darkness was as thick as broth, and I could have held it if I was chanced. I thought at first, that I was going straight to the Hades, or it was my own journey to Damascus, for I was the vilest of sinners, I struggled to gain a ground of escape, I wrestled avidly to the last blood in my capillaries to run upwards back to my bed, and perhaps repent, but all was indeed frivolous. I kept on in the unpalatable expedition of hassle and indisposition, apprehensive and penitent of where I go to, I tried to cry so that God or Satan- for I don’t know who I will encounter- may have compassion on me.

Briefly, I landed, and my feet reached a solidified surface, the abrupt alteration in the atmosphere was like the rapture, and the sudden variation was as fleet as a thunderbolt, I dropped like an egg from an hen’s anus, and I set to enjoy the pain of the scotching heat, and to relish the anguish the bumpiness brought to my buttocks, and for sometime, which I don’t know precisely, I kept my eyes behind its lid, when suddenly I felt no pain, and the air was the most toothsome I have ever experienced, realizing this, it was more difficult for me to set my eyes free to be fed of where I am, for I became indecisive of whether or not to open my eyes. By then, realizing a miracle least expected, and sudden unheralded change in the ambiance, I had to shake my body a little, to be persuaded I was not disembodied or I was not in my spirit form. Then, I blinked my eyes several times like one who is fighting for life, to see where I am, and closed my eyes again, trying to remember what I saw, but my eyes have not snapped any picture for my brain to ponder upon; I had no other alternative, than to gather every courage gatherable and to impose any determination imposable to find my self-respect. Finally, I opened my eyes at a snail’s pace with every bit of reticence, and I found myself in a Wonderland, my was Ace in Wonderland, an archetypal of Alice in Wonderland, I gazed upwards in a stern bewilderment, like one whose memory had been robbed, the cool breeze that breezed me was better to no best, in fact, my certainty was as hard as flint and my certitude was as fixed as fate that no summer breeze of the tropics nor the winter breeze of the temperate areas can come any near the beauty of the breeze I felt in that Wonderland which sedated me remarkably, and smothered my hyperthyroidism, its rarity is girded with aptness and moderation, that you need no sweater nor warmer, needn’t conditioner nor fan to fine-tune the atmosphere to your suitability. Slowly, again I arose and I sat up; firstly, I looked up to see the tunnel which had dumped me in this Wonderland, without my acquiesce, for I never remember the time I knelt down to pray to God to go to Wonderland, but I saw nothing like a tunnel, no outer surface, no cloud, no sun, no skies, no darkness, no pain, everything was plain and arty, vivid and gaudy, chaste and unworldly. I was extremely hypnotized with the splendor and the grandiose array which can only be stretched by a mystical architect and built by a supernatural Deity. I observed where my buttocks laid that it sweetened them not to remember the pain inflicted on it by the coarseness of the tunnel, and it was gold, the purest that can ever be seen, well burnt by a paranormal goldsmith, I looked up, behold, a very high wall, made of emeralds and clear jasper with garnished silver, and fixed amidst them is a high gate, made of shining chrysolite and precious diamonds, and embellished with sapphire and onyx. My heart sunk within me and my spirit was horror-stricken under my flesh and was deeply detained on a spot; the unspeakable awe rendered my muscles and ligaments slacked and my bones and joints were emptied of their calcium, speechless, numbed and exceedingly mesmerized. I was in this state of indefinable wonder when I had sound, like the crash of a wild thunder, and followed was a sound like a rushing of large waters; unhurriedly, I looked back from whence the sound came, with the most shocked face.

I saw a large unapproachable light, incredibly bright, shimmering like the sun in its greatest intensity, and I was engulfed with it. In the light, I saw a Being, in an image of a man, seated on a throne encamped by rainbows of innumerable colour and out of it flowed a river as clear as crystal, and the One seated on the throne had a white as sheet hair, and His countenance was like fire, and His legs were like burnished bronze, and some beings with large wings fastened to each other were afloat, hovering over Him, saying praises in a language that is not comprehendible to a mere man like me. And there before Him were twelve old men all seated on their thrones, under my judgment, it was an assembly, and the doesn’t look earthly, as the earthlings do in their house of Parliament, for this was a advanced realm, superior assembly and attended by superior dignitaries of Senates.

“The prayer of my people had gotten up to me and I have seen their great distress, and I will venture no more to suffer them of their deliverance and bring their oppressors unto the wrath of my righteous judgment, no therefore, who shall go and destroy the camp of those terrorists disturbing my people in the Northern-Eastern of Nigeria” said the One on in the great light. Immediately, I saw an unsightly creature creep to the presence of Him who is just and said, “I shall go”, “what shall you do?” He asked, “I shall cause a great” it said “and insuperable confusion amidst them, so that they fight, and help to kill one another until they are all destroyed”, “No, you cannot go, Spirit of Confusion”, He answered as it waned from His presence. Another creature came, more hideous than the first, and said, “I shall go”, “What shall you do?” He asked again, “I shall go into their camp,” it said with more keenness “and be with them there so that, they fail in that they do, until their sheer destruction is come”, “No, you shall not do it, Spirit of Failure” said He as it ebbed out of His presence. And again come a creature, much more squalid than the first and second, and it said, “I shall go” , “what shall you do?” He asked, “I shall go among them,” it said “as a very lethal disease, which spread its territory and put under its subjection a great deal of people within the flicker of an eye. I shall disease them, till they are utterly destroyed,” “Yes, you shall go” He ordered.

Immediately, like a ravenous wolf descending on it prey, it landed with great force that shook the foundation of the earth. It started killing and killing but never went near nor torched the terrorists, and I was furious at the sight of these, I looked around to see whom may explain the reason behind the rebellion of this spirit, but found I none, for I was alone and it look as if I was not detected in the realm. I than saw again, a spirit coming out of the earth, and challenged the rebellious spirit, saying “why do you wander away from whence you were sent unto and you shed innocent blood with your noxious sting”, “I have come,” said the rebellious spirit, “to do what you find difficult to achieve, to put fear in the sexual immoral, and to bring to reduction the rate of carnality, which had made itself rampant among this people.” “You cannot deny” said the spirit from the earth “your knowledge of me being the owner of that contract, legitimately given to me, tell me, what legitimacy has you been given over my own task?” Then the rebellious spirit said, “you should be thankful to me, you should worship me, for you owe me so much, I have attained within the pace of a lightning what you couldn’t at the space of a snail”. I was furious, and I couldn’t control the burning rage within me, my bones popped up behind my skin, and my blood was boiling in my veins, I ran and meddle with these duel of words and I said to the rebellious spirit with all courage and eloquence, “what right do you reserve to condemn your own fellow, when you do nothing to what you are told to do? Is He who sent him not able to measure his work and to find him wanting? Then who are you to boast of a vain attainment and to censure your fellow of ineptitude?” The rebellious spirit was defenseless and speechless, I then said unto it, with a commanding tone, and with courage of an army commander, saying “no therefore, go your way to whence you have been sent, and do your assignment before the wrath of Him who sent you be roused upon you.” With a sad face, and unwilling heart, it departed from my presence, and like Jonah, who after his unmerited release from the belly of the fish, he went to the city of Nineveh, and with anger and agitation, he did his mission, so did this rebellious spirit, it went in to the camps of the terrorists and razed them with such irritation, and thus justice and peace was served.

I then look at the spirit the came from the earth which had been looking at me wonderingly and bemused of my intervention, it looked also horrid, but not as the rebellious spirit. “Are you one of them, the sexual immoral, who would be my victim?” asked the spirit, “no said I “I’m not, but a advocate of justice and peace”. Then I saw an hourglass, and the sand at the top section had almost pass through to the bottom section, and I heard a voice from the great light I saw, like a thunder, saying to me, “you hour have been fast spent, and yet judiciously, go your way back from whence you came, lest you should not go back for ever. Abruptly, I found myself struggling on my bed, and my mom came to me and woke me up, “wake up, Ace, wake up” I then suddenly open my eyes and saw my mom, in my room, and she said to me, “what is the matter with you?” I shook my head, I was dumb, for I was still in the middle of this reality and the one of my dream which came by, by happenstance I guess; she finally said, “then get up, and dress up for school, you are already late.”