Poor Little Timothy


Timothy Daniels was just as ambitious and intelligent as all the other students in class. But little Timothy did not understand why his teacher was telling the class false information about their country. Their country didn’t give them all this freedom Ms.Sherley spoke of. Ms. Sherley also wasn’t accurate in her statements of the Highest allowing everyone to eat more by providing more food. Why little Timothy saw all the Highest protection force injecting his little chickens with some weird juice that made them lay eggs twice as fast. Poor chickens were laying so many eggs they turned skinny and sick and just died. Ms. Sherley also did not seem to be teaching, but more so telling them facts that they were sort of forced on believing. She told them they had to keep on reading and memorizing everything she was telling them or they wouldn’t be allowed to play with their tablets or even move on to the next grade. But Timothy didn’t believe in using his brain only to store information told by others. Isn’t a mind supposed to contain knowledge and thoughts in order to make each individual different? When Timothy seemed to ask Ms.Sherley questions about the Highest that weren’t “approving” of the lesson she would look at him and scold him that “Little Timothy Daniels will not get a good grade and not get to have Tablet Time”. He stopped and thought how life would be without Tablet Time. As he stopped and thought he didn’t know because no one had lacked of Tablet Time. It consumed everyones lives since the Highest told them all they could do and learn with the lovely tablets. Timothy considered to stop asking questions and just start reading their history books like everyone else. It was more forced upon, but he did want to go outside for recess because he would be able to spy on the men with suits planning some sort of big video game about hurting everyone. It seemed pretty violent to be a video game, but when Little Timothy asked them about it, they stated it was going to be a big video game that will catch everyone off guard. Well as long as the Highest say that, we might as well believe them because they are always right. Thats what Timothy’s momma always told him. The following day at school, Little Timothy told Ms.Sherley he didn’t want to read the books about the Highest, he was tired of reading things that seemed to be taking one side. It seemed unfair that the Highest always got to pick who and what was the next target. Why, one day everyones going to team up against the Highest and try to demolish it. Little Timothy decided to keep that to himself.

Before he went out for recess, Ms.Sherley stopped Little Timothy and told him that he was actually not going to go out today because his parents were coming in for a parent teacher conference. Timothy seemed confused because he hasn’t been doing anything wrong, he has been acing his homework and tests and doing everything he was supposed to. When Timothy’s parents came in, they all sat down with Ms. Sherley. His parents were expressionless and sat there firm, impatiently waiting on what Ms.Sherley was going to say. Timothy just sat there twaddling his fingers. Ms.Sherley came back with some paperwork and told the Daniels family that the school is concerned with Timothy’s behavior due to suspected psychological problems. Timothy’s mother just froze and looked shocked.

“Why, why would you say that?” stuttered Timothy’s father.

“Well he isn’t comprehending everything the way he should be, like the other students. We want him viewing many things in ways that the rest of the class is because if he doesn’t, he will grow up differently then the way the Highest prefers everyone to develop. Therefore, we are taking Timothy to a different school where we keep students like him to allow them to grow up by leaving there current mindsets aside. Here are the forms you are required to sign Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.”

Timothy Daniels was never seen again by his family until he was able to comprehend everything properly because that was the right way the Highest wanted it. Its wrong to use your mind on taking knowledge provided to you and interpreting it as something else. Because questioning and trying to find information not given to you is not what you’re supposed to do. Don’t forget, if you do decide to do that you’ll lose out on Tablet Time. What will you do from that kind of punishment? Hopefully Little Timothy will be able to tell you about it one day.