The Seeker

“You are away and walking farther away from home, son”, said the old raggedy looking man. “And, [he paused for some seconds, looked intensely into the boy’s eyes and continued] there is a lot you can find out here. But as for the specific thing you are looking for [he inhaled and exhaled deeply, simultaneously, […]


I, in my sleep, glided through a dark, rough and hot tunnel, that my buttocks got severely bruised, for with them I slid through the tunnel, and my foot was utterly cooked by its heat, and my eyes ultimately blinded, for the darkness was as thick as broth, and I could have held it if […]

The Trips

It became official today. We are moving to the Trips. My name is Travis. Travis Filing. I am 14 years old and we are on the run. Living with 3 older brothers you kind of learn when not to step out of line and this was one of those times. About 300 years ago the […]

The Hopeless Artist

I was the kid whose parents ignored me if my grades dipped too low. I was the kid who walked an hour to school every day, every year since I was seven. I was the teacher’s pet, the half-way decent soccer player, the son who asked permission to have dessert. I was the child who […]

Calm as the Sea

The waves lap against the strong wooden frame of the HMS Sure Stead. The British Brigantine was sailing from its home-port in London England to deliver useful goods and tools to the colonies. The night air was as calm as the sea. A sprightly mist danced in the bright lantern light. The only sounds to […]


Murder never goes as planned. This phrase seemed to follow me throughout my existence, like a heavy, heavy shadow that grows bigger as the sun sets. It’ll probably be etched on my gravestone, right next to “Here lies good ole What’s-His-Name” and “We hardly knew ye.” Literally. Nobody knows my name. I’m not even too […]

Final Words

I can feel the warm, thick liquid running down my chin. The taste of iron is filling my mouth. Is this really it for me? Are these really the last thoughts I will ever think? This can’t be the end. I haven’t seen anything. I’ve experienced so little. I… can’t die. Not now. I can […]

The Less Traveled Road

She stands in the bathroom applying mascara to the eyelashes of her blue eyes having just brushed her golden blond hair. Relishing her beauty as a woman in her mid forties, Blanca Gaslene takes one last peek in the mirror before exiting her hotel suite in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Standing at the curb outside the […]

Spit Tour

June, 2012 – Restaurant, shop and bar – Ketchikan, Alaska James Barrios was on his fourth beer. A haze was beginning to form in his head. He knew his wife Phyllis would soon be looking for him; yet he kept talking and reminiscing. James hadn’t expected to run into another fellow Marine on the third-floor […]