Policing for profit. Forfeiture Law Texas has broad civil forfeiture laws that offer little protection for property owners- and it uses them, as well as federal equitable sharing, aggressively. In civil forfeiture proceedings, the state must show that property is related to a crime and subject to forfeiture by a preponderance of the evidence. This […]


Seeing the ticks of clock, moments flashed back as she used to prepare herself for day’s work and usually he slept besides her or in other room as she had to go much early in the morning, he woke up after sometime or even kept on sleeping…………..Come on Sara all are waiting for you……..A voice […]

Better Served Cold

Winding up last-born child in a Nigerian family is a mistake you quickly learn you will regret for the rest of your childhood. Life, for you, is a bitter tale of injustice and leftovers. This night, Papa had let two of Chioma’s fat and obnoxious friends spend the night. “Your sister is old enough” he […]

What We’ve Lost (Part 1)

It was barely 8 o’clock in the morning and there I was on the streets of Lagos, stuck in traffic at the wheel of my black Toyota Corolla. The car was a gift from my late Aunt and I called it the black wolf, it had been through a lot, almost as much as me. […]

Remembering to Fly

Steady hands betray her expertise. Cora reaches out to flip the switch and bring the Screen to life. Not her own Screen. She could never afford that. The owner sleeps calmly for someone with such little security and Cora feels a twinge of sympathy. It dissipates quickly. She has convinced herself that she can no […]

Stress Relief for Beginners

“Two deep breaths. Two deep breaths. Two de–”. I stop myself as my voice begins to speed up again. This is a yoga studio, no place to show off who I used to be. In my mind I stress the used to be, because if I can convince myself, I sure as hell can convince […]

What So Ever a Man Sow, He Shall Reap

Once upon a time in village called obulo, there was a king, his name is Orji Aku, he married two wives. This king loves his wives so much, the name of the first wife is uju and the second one is called Egonma. Uju is loving, caring and humble while Egonma is quarrelsome, bitter and […]

Blood on the Altar (an excerpt)

The transit to Jos was too silent for Blessing; all through the journey which she went alone, she held the picture of her dead lover in her hands, crying at every glitch of the cherished memories they shared. The last night they spent together, she could still remember her words: “My dearest Blessing, this is […]