Seeing the ticks of clock, moments flashed back as she used to prepare herself for day’s work and usually he slept besides her or in other room as she had to go much early in the morning, he woke up after sometime or even kept on sleeping…………..Come on Sara all are waiting for you……..A voice came from outside.”Is time a healer? Yes but in my case no, rather a killer”. Sara was saying to herself. She didn’t respond to the voice but certainly became a bit brisk. “Oh the pen which I gave him is still without ink.” After seeing the pen in the nook of table, Sara said to herself. She was a high Government official and many security officials and other people were waiting outside for her.Her friend Fara was calling as none other could have some courage to doing that. A large contingent was ready to take her away but none knew where she was going except her friend and driver.

Suddenly Sara came out of the room and without watching around sat in the car. Her friend sat along and tried to talk to her but stopped just after visualizing Sara’s facial expressions. Sara was thinking some happy moments that she spent with him. He was really a prince and when he rode the horse, his elegance and style touched the apex. But certainly his hobbies and activities were very much dissimilar as she wanted to be. She cherished him to be a scholar or very highly educated person while on the other hand; he was indulged in sports and other activities. With those thoughts, her face expressions changed, with sharp turn Sara came back to present world, while Fara was observing her but was not having enough courage to stop her.

After traveling some distance car halted before a large building and surprised everyone as that building was supposed to be the jail of such prisoners who did heinous offenses. Sara and Fara stepped out of the car and moved inside the building……… While sitting in a meeting room Sara heard voice as she used to hear when returned home late… “Oh mom, mummy, mum I knew you are late today as well…but you see today I made dinner for you” She was into flashback because there was a glass wall between them. They could only hear voices of each other though earphones. While getting earphones on, her son talked with microphone from other side of wall. “I knew mummy you will come, though it’s too late now but I knew you can’t cut off relationship with me, with your only son” With the sound of some of his words she came into flash forward…As some persons are holding her son…. “Yes, oh no they are taking him to room where he is going to be executed” with a cry she moved into present and without listening anything else. Sara went out of the room.

She indicated something to driver and he knew where he was to go next. She also commanded Fara to go to her home as she would not sleep maybe till the end of her life. Driver took a sharp turn and Sara again cam into flashback. “I wish mother, this night would never end” her son saying to her when she often returned late. “But why son” Sara said to her son in flashback… “Because mom when it would be morning, you will go to office again and will return late as usual and I don’t wish to spend moments without you.” Driver instantaneously stopped the car because a child came in front of the car. She was watching the little child and saying would this night never end……………………………………