Like many others, Hajara’s childhood dream was to become a lawyer in the future. She had always told her parents and uncles and aunties about her dream. She had not spared her friend too about her future ambition. In contrast to Hajara’s choice of becoming a lawyer, her parents wanted her to become a medical doctor. They have got their reason for their unanimous decision. On the surface, Hajara, of all the six children they birthed, was the brightest and smartest. But in reality, Hussaina, Hajara’s mother, had suffered a set-back in the hand of medical doctors of other faith. The worst of all was that of Dr Enoch.

On one hand, Hussaina was a staunch Muslim who followed the teaching in the Quran and hadiths to the letter. On the other hand, Dr Enoch was a practicing Christian who believed that Christianity is the only way to paradise. They were two parallel lines that should not meet. But they met. Hussaina’s vagina discharge had gone beyond normal, and of the ten hospitals in her locality, nine was controlled and managed by Christians. She could not even tell if the only one that seemed not to be controlled by Christians belonged to someone of her own faith. She had always wondered if medicine as a course was or was not an abomination for people of her religious belief to study. Out of the scarcity of Muslims in the field of medicine, she and Malik, her husband, had made it a matter of Islamic importance for the most brilliant of their six children to study medicine. Their desire for hajara to become a medical doctor had been further fueled by the embarrassment and assault Hussaina received in the hands of Dr Enoch.

After Hussaina had put up her full hijab, and her cloth and pant on Dr Enoch’s arrogant request, he had inserted his finger roughly – the middle finger of his left hand, into her vagina and had thereafter told bluntly told her to go elsewhere for treatment. As if that was not enough, while she was about leaving, he sarcastically told her this: of what use is your hijab and your misplaced piety if you can off everything on my request for my false examination? The earlier you accept Jesus, the better for you” those word of his did not only made her weep, they broke her heart and increase her hate for anything Christianity. And Jesus. Malik had comforted her afterwards and they both found solace and hope in HaJara, their soon-to-be medical doctor.

Hajara’s twelve distinctions in all the twelve subjects she offered in her junior secondary school certificate examination was not a surprise. It was expected from a person of her caliber whose sparkling brilliance was second to none. However, she was too young to force her way to art department as against the science department which her parents enforced on her. But by instinct or clairvoyance or combination of both, she knew she would not become a medical doctor, notwithstanding her brilliance. Like a robo,t she continued with her parent’s will and wish. Even when she had read in one of her numerous wide reading about a young man who, after fulfilling his parent’s desire of becoming a medical doctor, presented them with the certificate, and went to fulfill his own dream of becoming a computer scientist, she could not still conceive the idea of becoming a medical doctor – a profession which she had no passion for at all.

With her outstanding result in her High School final examination, the applied into the University of her choice once, and she was offered admission to study human medicine. Still, against her will. Her first fear in the University was a mixture of confusion and anxiety. She was confused to find herself in medicine and anxious to become a lawyer someday. By sheer luck, she scaled through her first year courses, but was not too lucky in her second year. She failed two of her three courses and repeated the year. She failed again and she was withdrawn. Her failure really got on the nerves of her parents that they decided to ostracize her. Everything boils down on religion – an imported religion in an African home. Dr Enoch is an African likewise Mr. and Mrs. Malik. Now, an innocent Hajara is at the receiving end of the fiasco between two people with different beliefs living in ignorance of their own undoing.

But Hajara was determined to prove that after all, she was not a failure. Through her uncle and aunties, she raised funds through her uncles and aunties and bought the required texts for the course of her heart desire, sat for another High School Examination, passed, and sat for the entrance examination of her school of choice – one of the best in the country, passed again, and was offered admission to study law. Then, her almost dying potential began to rise again, even as a science student back in the day, she was the Editor-in-Chief of her High School’s press club. Her few sojourn in the university too as a medical student unveil her potential for writing. She was not only good at writing alone, but also have a perfect comportment and eloquence for debate as well.
In no time, she began winning accolades for herself and her institution. Prominent among her laurels was The Omniverse Launch Writing Contest which she won – an award which gave her fame and sense of direction. When it was certain that she would eventually graduate as the best student in the faculty of law for the year, she became the subject of discussion in the lips of almost all the students in her class. Her parents who later came to their senses, and submit that no matter how bad a child is, it is not proper to throw it to the lion to feed on, re-united with her and they became happy.

Dr. Enoch too met his waterloo. He was being arrogant and rude to one of the crème de la crème of the society who sought his services. Unfortunately for him, Mrs. Coker, an epitome of what Christianity should be, was a no nonsense woman. She took him up for his unbecoming impunity in the field of medicine and Hajara was the only young lawyer among the three lawyers that were in charge of the case on Mrs. Coker’s prompting. In the end, Dr. Enoch’s license was withdrawn and he was also given an option by the judge to pay a huge fine or stay behind bars for two years. It was a dream fulfilled for Hajara and a justice well delivered for Mr. and Mrs. Malik, the number of years before which Dr. Enoch’s paid the price for his overbearing and unprofessional attitude notwithstanding.