Final Words

I can feel the warm, thick liquid running down my chin. The taste of iron is filling my mouth. Is this really it for me? Are these really the last thoughts I will ever think? This can’t be the end. I haven’t seen anything. I’ve experienced so little. I… can’t die. Not now.

I can feel the tears. They sting. They hurt so bad. I hurt so bad. I can… feel myself slipping. Is this the feeling of death? My life isn’t flashing before my eyes, only my regrets. Heh heh, I can see the white flowers that are brushing against my face. They are splattered in my blood, yet they are so beautiful. The breeze feels nice. It’s calming.
Of all places to die, I’m dying in a peaceful field. I guess that’s pretty good. I wonder, will they talk about me, my comrades? Will they praise me for how brave I was, or despise me for failing to kill our targets, allowing them to kill me instead? I guess this really is the end. I don’t think anyone can survive getting a hole stabbed into them. Especially when it happens while you’re alone in an empty field.

This was always destined to happen. I guess the only thing to do now is accept my fate, and think of my final words. The last thing I remember saying was a slight “no”, being mumbled from blood stained lips as soon as I was stabbed. That’s a pretty lame way to go out.

The pain isn’t as bad anymore. I can’t move though, I can’t even blink. Everything is blurry, I just see the light from the sun now. I can feel myself smiling, though. I can’t wait to see my fallen allies again. Now, that I think about it, I’m okay with dying. I can hear the voices of my friends, but I’m not sure they’re really there. I don’t know anymore. I want them to know I’m okay, even if they aren’t there. Oh, no. I feel pain in my throat. I’m coughing up more blood. It’s okay. I can manage to mumble out one last thing.

“I’m ready.”