Calm as the Sea


The waves lap against the strong wooden frame of the HMS Sure Stead. The British Brigantine was sailing from its home-port in London England to deliver useful goods and tools to the colonies. The night air was as calm as the sea. A sprightly mist danced in the bright lantern light. The only sounds to be heard was the gentle rocking as the boat drifted in the waves and the occasional muttering from the Sure Stead’s hearty crew. As the ship maintained a steady pace, a thunderous sound erupted, which was quickly followed by several explosions on the larboard side. Flames grew and splinters flew as the British sailors scrambled to return the cannon fire in kind, but the Large Frigate flying a black flag, which seemingly hovered over the water through the darkness, rammed the Sure Stead cutting their response short. As the ships started to line up, Captain Wilton, the stalwart leader of the British crew, began to rally his men and prepare them to fight back against the villainous thieves and murderers, who he knew would hold no quarter after they acquired the goods and riches below the decks.

Grappling hooks bit into the wooden frame to bring the Brigantine into the clutches of the fearsome collection of scallywags. Wilton called for the ropes to be axed, as his crew tries to deliver musket fire to repel the felons back. It was too little too late sadly as the two ships were bound together and the English ship was quickly boarded. Endless volleys of pirates boarded the ship, cutting the men of the Sure Stead down with expert precision. Throughout the flurry of sword strikes and hail of gunfire, Captain Wilton leads his men straight into the melee. His passion, courage, and valor spur his men to lay their lives for their brothers in arms.

Two grenades rolled onto the deck and took out three men as the explosions rocked the deck. Through the billowing smoke, a fearsome man with lighting in his eyes, lust in his heart, and an almost literal fire for a beard appeared to claim his prize. The pirate captain in rapid succession removes several pistols from his bandoleer, and each time he relieves poor souls from their worldly body, he discards the pistol in turn for another. His final shot in the hurricane of bullets ended in the skull of Captain Wilton. Bone and brain matter baptized his former crew in fear as all hope was stripped away the instant his body hit the floor.

Jorias, the burly and gruff fist mate of the Sure Stead, tried to continue the fight, but the shock of their loss and the never-ending fury of the pirates sent the men of the Stead into a state of loss. A young sailor, covered in the gore of his recently deceased captain, stares in disbelief as the once vibrant and powerful man he believed and trusted in laid cold and lifeless staring blankly toward the moonlit sky. The sailor felt a light a pat on his shoulder. Startled he turned around quickly and ease hit as a familiar face met his gaze. Even though the dirt, smoke, and blood of the battle stained the handsome face, it brought out the glow in his smile that much more. “Don’t worry brother,” the gallant sailor spoke, “I have a plan.” He tapped the shocked sailor on the cheek and strolled off to pick up the fallen captain’s sword joining his own. The brave man made his way up deck like a tornado, leaving a whirling dervish of blades, blood splatter, and fallen bodies in his wake.

His tenacity brought him to his goal, one rope attached to a broken mast. A large mountain of a man stood in his path however, carrying a large ax and an even larger grin. The brave sailor charged at the brute, and as the villain lifted his ax to cut the hero length wise, he dove to the deck, rolled under the beast, and stabbed his calf securing it the ship. Even though the thug screamed in pain, he tried to cut the heroic sailor down. With a block of the ax again, another pirate ran towards his injured comrade. As the pirate raised his sword to take the life of the acrobatic savior, the man rolled over the brute inadvertently causing his colleague to run him through the neck. Within seconds the sailor stepped on the dying brute’s knee, jumped up in the air, and swung his body with sword in hand in a twisting arc removing not only the other pirates head from his shoulders, but also cutting the rope in twain. The rope quickly flew upwards as the broken mast falls towards the gleeful and unsuspecting pirate captain. The Captain’s smile, which grew due to his seemingly successful acquisition of the Sure Stead, became frozen as the heavy wood pierces his torso like a 100-pound arrow. At this moment, a hush befalls the men fighting on board and like a new moon over the horizon the tide begins to turn.

The pirates are pushed back as the English crew is now invigorated again by this violent event. Another crash is felt upon the deck, but this time it is in the Sure Stead’s interest as the Ship of the Line, The HMS Shield, gives them must needed aid against their piratical dilemma. Trapped, the pirates try to escape, but their efforts are in vein as the Ship’s marines cut down almost every one of them. As the fires are being put out and inventory of the dead and damaged are being collected, cheers erupt throughout the crew as they not only celebrate their lives but also as Jorias executes the remaining pirates. In the moments following that event, the ship returns to the calm the sea has maintained the entire time.