Sagmore’s Star

“Damn you all too hell!” He bellowed at the audio feed. His eyes raked across to board to confirm his course was still good. “Hell be damned in a hand basket if you’re going to catch me. It ain’t happening! I ain’t stopping! No way! No how. Forget about it. You ain’t got the balls […]

The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

The new group of medical students stared at the ugliest human they had ever seen. It looked to be at least a thousand years old and then some. Only two of the students even guessed what it really was. And they were human! They all stood looking through old style bulletproof one-way glass at the […]

Fight Intentions

We trained together inside our Sifu’s garage. It was, well… humble, but efficient. There was a heavy bag in one corner, a kicking dummy in the other, and a speed bag in another. There was room for maybe ten of us, if we were sparring back to back. Some days it would be just me, […]

Son of the Year

“What- the FUCK is this?!” I try hard not to curse, I really do. Being a Christian man in a Christian family, I felt I always had a responsibility not to curse. I had done well in the past, I always minded my words and my drinking tendencies. But as we get older, we begin […]

A Place Among the Stars

Through long and winding roads, leaping gleefully over puddles of water, hugging my thick jacket tighter to trap the warm air then clutching my father’s large hand, feeling its warmth radire all over my arm, peering up into his hooded face and enjoying the rush of emotions- happiness, contentment and trust in the one big […]


HAJARA’S DREAM Like many others, Hajara’s childhood dream was to become a lawyer in the future. She had always told her parents and uncles and aunties about her dream. She had not spared her friend too about her future ambition. In contrast to Hajara’s choice of becoming a lawyer, her parents wanted her to become […]

What Ravi Saw

When Ravi saw the big, white, growling things rushing towards him in immense enthusiasm, he was scared out of his wits. He ran, with eyes almost blinded with fear, towards Seeta. But then, the big white things played a trick. They suddenly fell down at Ravi’s feet. In utter humility, they sped away, respecting his […]

The Deal

After fumbling with the lock on the door, I was finally allowed to enter the room. On the floor in front of me, traced in jagged bullet holes as if it were connect the dots, were the words: WE HAD A DEAL. I dropped the key and raised both of my hands to cover my […]

Memories of Young Never Die

I stand in front of the mirror, I barely recognize myself, and beads of sweat run down my face. I can see the look of fear in my eyes; disappointment consumes me. She had eyes of amber that lit the fire in my heart, as I looked at her, I knew I had found the […]