WWE Video Games

WWE video games have come a long ways over the years.

However going from one video game publisher to another seems like a big jump. Hopefully with in the next few years or less 2K can hopefully take what THQ had done with the WWE video games and turn them around and make the WWE video game series even better. Mind you after 2K first try with WWE 2k15 on PlayStation 4, XB1, PS3 & 360 consoles it seems as if things where not as good as what they could of been for 2K first try with a wrestling sports title. I mean unlike there famous NBA 2K series, the newly found WWE games are much different in so many ways.

Hopefully this October with the release of WWE 2k16 2K can make the hardcore fans of the series happy again verse what most fans where left with with last year version of the WWE 2k game. Anyways rather 2K and there development team can turn things around this year is yet to have been seen but hopefully 2K can make things so much better then what was left in the WWE universe mouths of bad taste with last year WWE 2k15 video game.

I do know one thing though and that is I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more news and information about this year WWE 2k16 video game.

7-8-15 Monday night Raw, should not only have fans of the WWE universe watching but more so keeping there eyes open & watching out for the release of the cover superstar or superstars for this year WWE 2k16 video game and who knows fans could hopefully see a game trailer.