How to Give a Speech

Giving a speech can be nerve racking and isn’t a favorite of most. However, everyone will speak at one time or another. When giving a speech, there are certain things that are key in what the presenter does. They must collect their thoughts together, know their audience, speak in a way that can be understood, […]

My Experience as a Poor Student at a Top University

“Her bag isn’t even real leather” I’d hear as I walked past. “I bet she can’t even afford a fake Louis Vuitton” These were just some of the daily jibes I had to endure while studying at the University of St Andrews. I was so excited to get a place at such a prestigious university […]

Lose All Hope

I am a writer. You will hear no pride in my voice when I make this declaration. It was never my intention to be a writer, never was it a childhood dream, I simply find myself suitable as little else. Every writer denies the world a scientist, an engineer, a soldier, a police officer; there […]

Life as an Undergraduate

“When you call on me, when I hear you, I’ve got wings to fly. I feel like I’m alive”. This hit song by Celine Dione had always made me wonder if she really knew what she was singing about. I mean; it sounds odd to hear a living being say “I’m alive”. The dead of […]

Some Thoughts on Education

John Kenneth Galbraith, noted Economist and Liberal diplomat, once claimed, “the conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.” Applied to America’s Educational system, which seems to be at the top of the nation’s to-be-criticized list, this view hits scarily close to home. We as a nation have given up, or […]